Monday, August 15, 2011

Foot Reflexology

I love to do this to a man's feet. It's quite rewarding to see him melt into a puddle of helplessness and be renewed. Most people really appreciate the practice of reflexology. It's applying pressure to places on the feet that correlate with systems in the body, therefore applying pressure to the feet, affects the entire body's systems.

It relaxes a person's entire body as if they were massaged everywhere, keeps body functions in happy working order, reduces pain, and helps promote a great night's sleep. If you love someone, give them a delicious session of foot reflexology.

Don't forget, you can do this to yourself, but like any delicious practice, it's always much better doing it to someone else!

Here's a reflexology blog.


  1. I can't kiss my own feet like that.

    (I noticed there are two pairs in the pic - not gonna ask where you got THAT one!)

  2. Yeah. Well, I did a little "foot fetish" google image search for that one. I figured a picture of someone loving someone's feet was probably appropriate and surprisingly arousing.

  3. My god , who knows where that foot has been ?

  4. Yeah, two of those feet are his own (haha)

  5. foot reflexology, being a simple and less complicated massage therapy that provides reflexology charts that are quite easy and basic to understand is a good addition to the regular medical care of almost anyone who can read. There are many research materials as well as the reflexology chart widely made available in the internet. There are also reflexology schools that offer and educate the practitioners of the effects and benefits of reflexology on the human body and health condition.

  6. i hae head there many acupressure point in your foot ya should have dale rub your feet im sure he know all the pressure points (mabe the erotic ones to hehe hahaha there is none that i have read )

  7. I could definitely use one of these. Me and my husband would fight over this every night. feet massager



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