Monday, August 15, 2011

Cryptid Discussion: Flying Prehistoric Beast?

This is the first in a new series where I will present some evidence of a possible cryptid and let y'all discuss what you think. Today's entry comes from Austria, a potential flying prehistoric creature?

I have a certain logic I follow. First, I ask myself "does the person who filmed this come forward or is it anonymous?" So, I was contacted by someone associated with this film and that made me curious.

But, when discussing things in the air like UFOs or creatures, we have no frame of reference for distance or size. If one can film with something in the same shot, that helps. This series of shots has a lamplight in the scene and you can tell it is daytime and the light is not on. My first thought seeing the thick body and the arched looking wings, it's a bat. I feel certain we can say by the shape of the wing and body that this is either -- pterodactyl or bat.

But, Austria is hardly known as the pterodactyl sighting capital of Europe. The bat is the most likely. So, the next step is to look up what bats are in Austria.

(Chiroptera bat)

Now, I want to see one flying to see if it's similar, so I found this film....

So, what do y'all think the first film showed? I'm curious. I really do think it's possible that somewhere in the world, we may have a prehistoric bird still flying around, but I sort of doubt it's Austria because it's populated enough that there should have been sightings.

On another interesting note--did you know there are no Bigfoot sightings in Hawaii? I find that interesting. Why, you ask? Because if states are reporting Bigfoot because of mass BF craziness, there is no reason Hawaii, with all its natural habitat shouldn't have had folks reporting such a creature, but they aren't. It really supports the BF crossed the land bridge with man long ago theory.

I hope to do more cryptid subjects on the blog. I'm sooooo fascinated by the undiscovered or unacknowledged.


  1. It does look like a bat, but like in the second film bats are very fast and changes direction rapidly....maybe the sighting was a bat on a joy ride?? very interesting.
    Is there BF sightings in Africa?

  2. hmmmm... that would be really cool if these things were still around these days. I would totally try to ride one! lol.

  3. Drizel;
    South Africa has a legend of a water baboon:

    Zombie, I want to see you wrangle one of those boogers and fly it. I keep picturing that scene inside the Pterodactyl cage in Jurassic 3.

  4. Is a 'cryptid' kinda like a 'katydid?'



  5. Shoes--I'm gonna send Dale over to your blog to leave a ventriloquist doll retort!