Sunday, August 28, 2011

Exciting ESP Research--Proof of ESP!

Take the time to watch these and you will be blown away. This is so exciting and I am thrilled to see that science is taking ESP more seriously. It's not woo-woo and it's not some kind of paranormal thing, it is perfectly naturally a part of our abilities, just like our ability to conceptualize our own consciousness and importance, life and mortality, God concept and more.

If you don't have time to see all of them, see the last one--amazing experiment!


  1. Mind boggling. I would need to know more about their methodologies in these experiments (seems like this video might have been edited for the dun,Dun,DUN! factor, as to favor the hypotheses. But it's an intersting concept to say the least.

  2. I would not be surprised. I know there is some route we manage to share info. What I want to know is why info can be in an object and not a brain and I can read it--now that's very interesting. My first guess would be that a person holding the object somehow transfers information on some quantum level with the object and then the next person picks it up by the same method which means something quite amazing--on some quantum level we pass some sort of matter that can carry the information stored in the brain. What it doesn't explain, however, is why I could dig up a relic that was obviously exposed to the elements for a long time before being buried in dirt over time and it still has info, so it's nothing quite superficial, it has to actually enter the object which seems like neutrons, but neutrons don't necessarily remain inside an object, they come and go through objects....

  3. What might make your theory pop is if you throw out the concept of time altogether. Maybe time just isn't factor for this kind of communication, only space, so, two things occupying adjacent physical spaces may be able to communicate, even though they are separated by time. Works for ghosts, too, I think.

  4. Scared--you're right! I do have a theory about past lives. I have had dreams of a past life as a Jewish girl in the last 30s in a small town in what seemed like France. It was very real and I even learned things about Jewish culture I didn't know. Sometimes, I woke up speaking a language fluently that I didn't know. I realized that I was plopped down into a moment in time, a girl's life long ago. As a psychic, I recognized it as a psychic read, but to a person who doesn't practice psychic reading, it would seem as if they were actually that person because of the perspective. So, how do we get this information? Is it circling us and now and then in the sleep state we are lucid and receptive to receiving it? It might also explain why I do airplane crash and earthquake predictions. In fact, I accurately predicted the VA earthquake and damage to the cathedral in DC. Hmm....

  5. Maybe information isn't stored in the object....maybe the object is just a link to something else? Or maybe not..? I don't know.



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