Vay-Cay is Over: Marriott Buttes Resort Review

If you missed it--be sure and see my Drunk Ghost Story. It was, ah, interesting.

I will not be staying at the Marriott Buttes Resort again. It is an amazing set up inside the buttes and beautiful, but very very cheesy. The walls are thin and it's noisy, they charge $10 a day to park and $15 a day for Internet. Mind you, that have enormous parking lots and it's not in the city so charging to park? WTF???? Even freaking Days Inn is free parking, Internet and continental breakfast! Okay, so not going there again. Greatly disappointed that a resort is not more inclusive. Next time, we'll do our working vay-cay in another resort. The view, however, was nice.

So, no, there is no man to vacation with, but my dear friend, Julie, and I went to the resort together for 2 days. A working vacation--working on finishing up two books together and sending in a proposal for one of them.

Oh, we managed to get to the pool and have a good time, some fine dining, some luxuriating, some room service and, well, you saw yesterday the Drunk Ghost Story. I also filmed a Drunk Urban Legends the next night which will be shown in a week or so.

Back to work, but I at least got some very very much needed R&R and a great perspective of what a vacation could be like. In all those decades of marriage, my vacations were referred to as the "hostage situation." It was great to be myself, have fun and treat myself well. I am one happy gal.

I love my co-author and best buddy, Julie, but next vacation, I seriously would like a man with me so I can find out what a real couples vacation should be like.


  1. Getting nickled and dimed to death definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth too! I'm glad you were able to washed the bad taste away with some yummy looking drinks! Was that a Blue Hawaii you were drinking??

  2. Hey MMW; It was some kind of cherry punch thing with blue curacao in it and other misc liquors and tastes. It was very yummy! Julie had a Tequila Sunrise (at sunset) haha

  3. oh man does that salmon look delicious!!!

  4. It was sooooo good. The outside of it was crispy with seasonings on it and very moist inside and the red quinoa was just the touch with the yogurt and the grapefruit. Yummers.


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