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Review "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Season 5, Episode 2


"Holy Cow"

In an area where the UAP flew through the mesa, a cow is found dead under strange circumstances.

This was last night's episode on History Channel

This episode I'd have to classify as "Scooby Doo." Some episodes are more about pondering, interviewing, and contemplating.

Some birds that died didn't decompose. Interesting. A cow that died 6 months ago had marks of something powerful chewing on the ribs, as one of them had a sharp tooth go through it and leave a hole, so the expert examined the rib. 

Travis found signals that looked like two signals talking to each other, 1.6 GHz level again in the triangle. 

The  Omnitech expert, Jim, ran a lidar drone above the triangle area. Signal issues occurred in the area where the UAP had come out of the mesa prior. The aircraft disconnected and it's GPS had gaps in it. It came back home to where they launched from. As the drone went through the column-shaped anomaly on prior scanning, the 1.6 GHz signal came up again. 

The team was able to pick up signal through the mesa rock. East canyon area where the petroglyphs are and the triangle area seem to communicate somehow. 

Jim ran the drone up with infrared. With 1.6 GHz signal being sent out by Travis, the GPS had issues and the drone circled around and around as if lost. Jim could not control it. Finally, it got out of that "zone" and GPS worked and it came back to base.

The "in" point that the UAP had entered in the east area and the "out" point it exited near the triangle, it carried the 1.6 GHz broadcasted signal through the mesa as if it was no obstruction. 

High speed film in east field near petroglyph was examined by the team. A strange orb/UAP whizzed by in an area where the drone had GPS issues had occurred. 

Also, a blurry very very fast moving object flew into the mesa near the petroglyph.

In the sky, they captured also another UAP moving through the sky. When enhanced, they saw 4 things in the sky there. 

This episode added more evidence to the vault. I'm glad to see them narrowing the area and what it's capble of. 

Next week's preview looks off the charts. They announced it will be on an hour earlier at 9 EST. The men decide to investigate the river through the ranch and come across --- an extinct species? 

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