Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Josiah: Undead Cowboy

You have to watch me. You never quite know what I'm up to. I am going to introduce you to another blog I have that is set up to tantalize you, intrigue you, and make you ponder. Who is Josiah and how did he become an undead cowboy?

Josiah will be all over the place. You never know where he'll show up. This character has a mystery and a story. I hope to make you wonder about him and ponder the puzzle that is...Josiah. (opening paragraphs revealed) He is also on social media, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube with new entries occurring all month leading up to his "release" on Memorial Day. There are buttons on his blog for all his social media sites and each place will give you new clues about the undead cowboy.

Follow the countdown to May 30th on his blog. Learn bits and pieces of his world.

After all, when a man has walked the earth for 140 years, he has a lot to tell...


  1. Cool, thanks for the heads up.


  2. I'm keeping y'all in the dark. (That's the way Josiah likes it)

  3. HN;
    Neither can I! Haha. I have to admit that I find myself so caught up in him that I can't wait to read his story all at once too.

  4. Gummer;
    You gotta be grinning. This character was inspired by you and I do plan to give you all the credit once you read it and figure out if you like being immortalized in such a fashion.

  5. Watch out Dale, there's a new sheriff in town.

  6. CB;
    I sure wish I could sick Josiah on Dale!

  7. Undead cowboy? The scheduled delivery is on Memoroal day? Not a bad move...

  8. I am inspired by living in the desert and visiting too many ghost towns.

  9. Looking forward to the arrival of this mysterious undead cowboy!

  10. Sis;
    He will puff your skirts up. I find myself rather attracted to this guy. He's a loner and rather hardened by his long-life, but he wants to do good. I am a sucker for those types.



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