Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is who is giving you ghost hunting advice..

A friend dared me to videotape myself dancing in the bellydancing scarf, he just didn't say what kind of dance. I made this on a dare, but I thought--hell, this is probably the best portrayal of me of all time. I am willing to try just about anything, not worried about self embarrassment--I'm still 30 pounds from my goal--not afraid to shake it. So, if a person like me who questions authority, will try things on a dare, doesn't have ego issues, and has no problems putting a creative twist on things, she is an ideal ghost hunter.

The tao of Autumnforest:
Do it once with confidence.
Trust your first gut instinct.
Be fearless (of embarrassment or ghosts).
Stay in fighting shape.
Punctuate everything with a laugh (it attracts spirit activity and open-minded people like yourselves).
Always be your genuine self (then everyone knows what they're getting into when they befriend you)

So, this is who you're getting your paranormal info from.
Oh, come on, isn't that a butt you can trust?

Just so you know, the scarf has been retired...

p.s. The last post has 3 videos made from me to ya'all!


  1. You do not want to see my bare ass going 150 miles per hour, honey. I promise you.

  2. I hope one day you realize how hott you really are!

  3. Gabriel;
    You are a dear. That compliment means more to me than you can know. Really. I have not been around someone who would ever under any circumstances refer to how I look or how hot I am. I have gone many decades without ever hearing that, so bless your kind heart.

  4. What kind of man doesn't tell his wife how beautiful she is? That's not a man in my opinion.

  5. Thank you, sweets. I haven't heard that I'm hot or beautiful since I was 16. And, yeah, it is a crime to choke out someone's self-esteem and their heart like that. No one can extinguish the light inside me. It shines like a freaking lighthouse beacon. I am what I am and I won't ever go back to hiding my light.

  6. I think I'm getting too old. I'll be 52 in October. All I could do was say "eeewww shiny". Sometimes I think that I am turning into Homer Simpson. Of course, thats better than turning into OJ Simpson.


  7. Barry;
    You only have a few years on me. I'm older than one would expect...

  8. Do you remember "Rock with You" or "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" or "Another One Bites the Dust" ?

  9. You know, Julie, you're not at all surprised by this video. Since you know me in "real life," you probably figure this is a typical afternoon dare that I'm taking on. You know how when the boys dare me, I can't help myself. I always did like to pit myself against them as a tomboy. That reflex is strong and active.

  10. gnostaliga (Barry), I will be 52 on October 8th...a big woohoo for 1958!

  11. It is autumn; not without
    But within me is the cold.
    Youth and spring are all about;
    It is I that have grown old.
    ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "Autumn Within"

    You are obviously doing something right!


  12. Hey I'm Ocotober 5th You only have 3 days on me!

  13. Well now, as a new follower, this certainly caught me off guard....but in a good way. Be proud, fearless and keep us on our toes.

  14. Monkey Man;
    Always expect the unexpected. I try to twist people's minds so they open up wide and they can accept new theories and concepts... (and, I just like to mess with people and make them smile)

  15. laissez les bons temps rouler...

  16. hah! autumnforest, you rock! i'm proud of you for putting this up!!

    word verification is "medical" lol!

  17. Libby-Girl;
    I'm a freak and a geek--but you wouldn't have me any other way, right? I liked your word verification--those are hilarious when they actually spell something.

  18. ROTFL!
    OMG! you crack me up!
    (I wish my ass looked like that! sigh...those were the days!)

  19. Cindi;
    You're a doll! I need more folks like ya'all in my life. I think I look absurd, you think my ass looks good. I love you for it!

  20. I'm going to keep it short,and sweet.
    Nice ass !
    Sorry, that's just how I am.
    I can't help myself.

  21. Max;
    A man of few words--I appreciate that. Right to the point :-)

  22. I loved the video sis- and saved it to my you tube faves!
    You are the best- i love your advice about laughter- lately i have been kind of down with all that is going on (things i have no control over) and have been trying to change to a postive outlook - you really help me this way -
    God Bless you and love you
    your little bror!!!!
    ps loved the comments and your responses!!!!

  23. Dev;
    My honorary baby brother (bror), I adore you. Glad to make you smile, sweetie. So long as you are loved, the rest works itself out in the wash, I promise. We've had hurricanes, terrorists, oil spewing into the ocean and in the long run, it all works out--even if it's just in lessons. We're not a stupid people, we do learn and adapt. It's called EVOLUTION (even though some people don't believe in it which makes sense cause the conservatives do not seem to adapt and change so perhaps they are unable to evolve)

  24. I think I saw the lamp shaking its
    ............Ha Ha!

  25. You have a decent shimmy :) My beginners class doesn't seem to realize that it really does HELP when you have a coin belt on. It gives you an incentive :-p
    I just spent the whole night doing that though. Did a drum solo at a Hafla and then a Candle dance :-p

  26. roll/wiggle... all the same to wuffs ;) lol

  27. Where's Jerry Lee Lewis when we need him?



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