Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big Steppin’ Aaron Goodwin—My New Superhero!

**Ya'all, don't forget that the short story contest entries are due on July 3rd**

My buddy, Dan, turned me onto this. I had no idea. I guess I don’t follow my ghost hunting teams enough to realize it, but Aaron Goodwin of “Ghost Adventures” has a funny little thing he does when they go to fun locations—he does “big stepping” or walking with giant steps. I have a similar thing I do on vacations—I take a photo of our feet on vacation and try to do it in a way that shows the setting in which we are vacationing, but hell, I love Aaron’s fun way of doing it! This guy is my new superhero—I get the feeling the two of us hanging out would be T-R-O-U-B-L-E. So, I now have a new dimension of appreciation for all that is fun about “Ghost Adventures,” my teddy bear hero—Aaron! Here’s one that shows him on Lombard Street going down it—hilarious!


  1. Ha! Those make me laugh every time I see them. And someday when you meet him, you'll get that it's "so" Aaron!

    At the events they even sell a black t-shirt with a white silhouette of Aaron "big-steppin'"!

  2. Classic. Mrs. MM and I also take foot photos on as a part of our outings.

  3. Dan;
    Yeah, I would seriously love to cut it up with Aaron. We would probably make the town shake when we're done rampaging.

    That is so hilarious. I guess I'm more like the monkey part of the lineage than I thought...

  4. They have too much time on their hands.

  5. Gabriel;
    Living is for everyone, life is for those who play while doing living...
    (I just made that up, not bad?) p.s. Admit it, sweetie, when you read this post, you scrolled down and replayed the shimmy video--didn't you (made you blush)

  6. Sharon,

    BTW, just wanted you to know I viewed your video and you rocked that belly dance move. I'm totally jealous.


  7. Paula;
    It's actually my hip hop move in the bellydancing scarf--cool what it does to the coins. Maybe I should wear that when I do my hip hop and see if I can make it jingle to the music--a new test of my skills. You're a doll. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, sweetie. I'm sure the weather is fairly hot, but nothing like our 112! Ouch!