Videos Of Me Talking To Ya'all about GHT!

This is a 3-part talk from me to ya'all about why I started GHT. Enjoy the mystery...


  1. Hmmmmm.....
    I'm thinking that you are using your body parts as a marketing plan, kinda like Marg Helgenberger on CSI. Very clever.
    Of course the maternal side of me wants to button up your blouse so that the pervs aren't ...well, ya know.
    Anyway..could be a very savvy plan. "The Sexy Ghost Hunter in the Desert."
    just get a damn cell phone will ya! So I can stop worrying about you!

  2. Very nice Miss Forest...I am glad that the others will see what I already got to experience, the real deal. You are a blast to hang with. I have learned much more about ghost hunting and excited to try some of your crazy experiments. Thanks for everything...

  3. Cindi;
    I promise, sweetie, I will get a cell phone. I am resisting until the end, but the concept of being able to text is pretty exciting for someone as communicative as myself. The blouse...I didn't realize it would film quite so--well, distractingly. From where I look down at it, it looked like the girls were a bit more covered up. Oh, well, I wasn't going to retake the video. I had already done enough that day including my bootie shake. Yeah, I'll be sharing that with ya'all later on today cause it's a fine example of the person giving you your ghost hunting info....

    Thanks, sweetie. I am thrilled beyond belief to find you here locally and call you my new hunting sister (and partner in crime) :-)

  4. Can't wait to snatch and grab the goodies at the abandon sites...

  5. Yeah, we're definitely videotaping that! It will be totally zany!

  6. nice voice/laugh... rounds out the you i've pictured

    look forward to more fun!

  7. I am only 22 and If I could chose between a hot teen-aged girl and you. Id chose you every single time! Damnnnnnnnnnn!

  8. Gabriel;
    Sweetie, you sure you can keep up with me--you saw the speed of my hips.... Thanks for the compliment. You may be 22, but you're really more like 38.

  9. You are so creative sis!!!! I love it - I also think about the people i have met through blogging as a second family - I enjoyed these video shorts very much - they have enough evidence from my blog to put me in the asylum too!!!!
    so sorry to hear about your Achilles Tendon- yikes!!!!!!!
    love ya!!!!

  10. Hey Dev;
    The doc opened it up and said he saw something he'd never seen--spaghetti. It was just a bunch of rubbery goop and he did something he should not have done. He assembled it, attached it and closed me up. He should have seen it, said "I don't know what the fuck to do" and closed me up to consult with other physicians. I ended up with complications that are very annoying, numb foot and calf and burning all night when I'm trying to go to bed and I have to wear heels all the time to make up for the poor push-off ability. I need to get to a new doc and have it looked at but I'm so fucking stoic, I just put up with stuff -- well, my personal life shows that (snort)

  11. Just got home... seen your vids.,
    and well done.


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