Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Par-Tay Pic's

Well, the problem with using my own camera is getting shots of myself. I did get one here that someone sent in--I call it the mystery shot because it was taken while I was moving. There's what appears to be a mysterious female nomadic tribe near the firepit, the toxic man in the black light in the yard, and Fester doing a little dance with the movie running on him. As more pic's trickle in, I'll post the cool shots. It was like paparazzi, so I expect lots of pic's.


  1. I'll be hanging out. I've been waiting for these for awhile.

    I liked your story, by the way, I'm getting bad about reading and thinking I've left a comment...old people...what can I say.

  2. It seems like a very fun night! I will be waiting for more pictures...

  3. pardon me, but, autumnforest, you look like one of the women from old new england, you know, like was hanged for being a witch? wonderfully creepy, and you know i mean that in a good way!!

  4. Libby; You make me laugh. I wish you could have been there. I gotta get a picture from someone of the whole costume. It was pretty cool, but I was definitely feeling strangely more myself than I ever have when I was wearing the costume. It was purely magical and the weird camera effect showed that, I think. Earlier on, one person took a shot and it had the strangest phenomenon ever on it. I'm hoping to get a copy of that today. He's combing through loads of pic's.

  5. Thanks so very much for posting these images when you can Autumnforest!!! very cool stuff-Oh and I want to say it is probably only because of you that i ever actually finished a story!!! I thought the ending (even for someone with my writing skills) could have been 50 percent better at least were I not so tired-but it was a huge feeling for me to actually finish a writing project !! so thank you so much for that -all the best my friend!!!

  6. Dev;
    Your short story had an ending that really blew me away. Was not thinking it would turn like that and it was thrilling!



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