Saturday, October 31, 2009

Paranormal Experiment: The Haunted Room

I admit that, although I’m very skeptical of experiments done by Canadian inventor John Hutchison, the idea of his supposed experiments has had my full attention. He apparently used Tesla’s innovations to create a set of conditions with machinery to reportedly levitate objects, fuse metals, and even make metal objects disappear. This was done reportedly through high electromagnetic fields. His experiment supposedly produced many of the same phenomena seen in haunted places.

What I like about this concept is the possibility of recreating the paranormal experience and find out whether its seat is in the mind or the environment or both. I do believe in the right elements for a haunting and if you’ve been following my blog you know my feelings about geology, construction, waterways, and history, but is it possible to actually make a haunting?

I just found this fantastic article which reports that scientists are trying such an experiment! These scientists in London are trying to design a room that would induce haunting effects. This has me so excited, I can barely stand still! According to the article, “they were inspired by earlier studies in which test subjects reported contact with the phantasmic when exposed to electromagnetic fields and waves of infrasound. This hasn’t just taken place in the laboratory. Odd EMF fields have been recorded at reputedly haunted castles. And geomagnetic flux caused by shifting tectonic plates reportedly produces surges in poltergeist sightings. Meanwhile, infrasound waves below the level of human hearing have been linked to visitation.”

Apparently, after constructing this room, scientists tested it out and almost three quarters of participants experienced ghostly encounters within an hour! What they discovered in the end was that, although certain areas of the room were focused for energy that would cause a haunted feeling, participants felt it even in parts of the room that weren’t focused. The results were confusing at best. They aren’t certain if the participants were highly attuned people who can pick up such energies or they were simply suggestible.

The concept is a great one and I truly believe that with the right conditions you can assure the same sensations of being haunted. At this point, I would compare the experiment with the one ongoing about out-of-body (near-death) experiences. Scientists could recreate some sensations, but not all the intricate detail and imagery. In this experiment, much like that one, people felt the sense of being watched someone being near them, dizziness, etc., much like sensations with high EMF nearby and also the same sensations when the temporal lobe is stimulated.

Perhaps what this experiment is lacking is the same thing that near-death experiments are lacking, the element that feeds the supernatural world, a sort of dark energy/ectoplasm for lack of better description. The pathway psychics also access, from which ghostly encounters are born, and near-death experiences sprout. That is the focus of my obsessive search for what sort of “highway” the paranormal travels upon.


  1. I wonder if the experiment raises the awareness of people to be able feel things that may really be going on, or if the experiments just mimic the effects.

  2. It's interesting. Without the details of what they told the people prior to the experiment, it's hard to tell, but my guess is that anyone sensitive to EMF, which is more than likely a great deal of the population, would be uncomfortable in this room. The notion that you'd have to stand right in the corner that has high EMF to sense it in the room might not be an accurate one. Admittedly, I've walked into a work kitchen in a business where I felt all the usual high EMF sensations, i.e. someone watching me, goosebumps, dizziness and took an EMF reading to find it pretty normal, but then when I walked 8 feet to the microwave oven, it jumped to over 200. So, potentially being near a source of high EMF without actually having the fields high in your area, it's possible to feel it. I think what they're lacking in this study is good interaction with people in the field. They really ought to have gone on a few ghost hunts and perhaps checked out how EMF in the real world affects people but make it a blind study so the subjects don't know why they're being asked to have a seat and wait beside the space heater or microwave oven or older computer...

  3. Wow this is incredible info Autumnforest!! I saved the article from Wired to my faves so I can read it later-this is a very fascinating experiment -what a find!! and it seems to dovetail a great deal with your own thoughts and research so that is cool too!! all the best!!!

  4. Dev;
    I have to admit, I had a lot of stuff waiting in the queue for me to write about in paranormal theories. All that time doing short stories, I just wrote a couple sentences to remind me of the next subject to write about. Whenever I run across cool stuff, I just put the URL on a word document and then look at it later to write up what I have planned.

  5. WoW. This is quite the interesting find. I like Jeff's comment. Or, what if they unknowingly attracted ghosts using the EMFs? (Not likely, but that'd be funny!)'s interesting. I wish I could get back in the house I grew up in a determined if it had high EMFs (especially in the basement, which I couldn't stand to be in and often dreamt of being haunted, not to mention had some weirdo things happen there), or if there really was something there... I'll be curious to see what comes of these experiments. This is great stuff, Autumnforest! They should give YOU a TV show!

  6. Cool post. You explore as only as Virgo can (my daughter is a Virgo!)