Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Syfy's Paranormal Witness Show Starts Tonight!

Tonight's episode of GH

Wondering what's playing alongside GH? Well, a new show called "Paranormal Witness."
It sounds a bit like "A Haunting" as far as it being people who have had paranormal encounters describing the events. I'm willing to watch it because each person's story speaks for itself instead of seeing the same team tackle the same issues week after week. I love a good ghost story and I also appreciate how others lives have changed following such an event. A person's world is truly turned on its axis to figure out what the heck this phenomena is about--hence blogs like "Ghost Hunting Theories" and books like my "Was That a Ghost?" Here's a sample of the show below:


  1. They should call it "I Saw A Ghost!" - it's more catchy!

  2. I'm watching both tonight as long as bad weather doesn't interfere with my dish. Seems to happen when I'm trying to watch GH.

  3. looks intriguing I shall set the dvr so I can check it out

  4. ! This show sucks.....can't even believe syfy would air have a meth head choking his wife...with no actually real video...this is not the way to start a new series with BS!...find better on you tube!!...what a waste..I can film here in my apt with better sh*t!! What a freaking disappointment!

  5. The only difference between this show and "A Haunting" is the title. The same hand-wringing "recreations," the same forced dramatics, the same actors who look nothing at all like the real people they're portraying. Absolutely nothing new here, folks.

  6. Yup. Having seen it one time, that was all I needed to know that it was really more a bunch of stories about troubled families. I wish Syfy could give us the paranormal shows we want and quit regurgitating already used formats.



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