Friday, December 31, 2010

Ghost Hunting Theories 2010

What a year for the blog!

I changed the look of it, but the content became more defined and more vague at the same time. The definitions were things like Dale the Doll posts, quizzes and a few ongoing series. The more vague aspects have been a wider range of paranormal topics and me giving in to my demented sense of humor and creating the LAUGH series that can be found on the bottom right hand corner of this page.

I had lots of movie reviews and interviews including my favorite one; the one-on-one with my TV crush, Ben Hansen from “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.”

I went through transitions through the year and I can tell y'all that it never ever would have happened if I didn't blog. Blogging has put me in touch with people who not only were interested in what I'm doing, but took pride in my accomplishments. In my entire life, no one had ever asked me what I did with my day, what I was up to, or took any interest in my accomplishments. This gave me strength to realize just how much I was selling myself short in my long-term relationship. I had come to accept being ridiculed and beat down emotionally, scared and uncomfortable in what should be the most trusted and intimate relationship a person has.

I filed for and completed my divorce and am living on my own for the first time in my entire life, having not dated since I was 16 years old! It was terrifying but exhilarating and your constant support kept me going when I thought “what in the hell am I doing?” I have never had a group backing me before and knowing the value of bloggers and their worth, I am still determined to make the Hug-A-Blogger project a reality and am redefining how Julie and I might go about it.

Some bloggers had huge influences on me. I met up with Julie in January and we have been inseparable since. We went on to meet other local bloggers. One talented blogger, Max Evel, managed to do something nobody else in the blog world could do, he got me to send him a photo of my face which I had been hiding from everyone. He proceeded to make me profile pic from that picture and made me realize that keeping myself cloaked wasn't a big benefit to the site and so I came forward and did some videos for y'all and contributed pics of me. This new development will expand in 2011.

What can you expect in 2011? Read tomorrow's post!

Oh, and tonight there will be a Lonely on a Friday Night here at 7 pm EST onward in case, like me, you don't celebrate the new year or simply have no date.


  1. Why Spank You for the mention.
    It's not hard to make a pic out of someone as purdy as you ma'am.

  2. you, "have" touched many people from being you, open and honest... and i wish only sanity in 2011 and of course much success in you everyday and your imagination...

    jeremy [iZombie]

    ps. stop by and read my latest gripes!

  3. I'm only a recent puruser, but your blog has already joined my bookmark file of "daily reads" that I look forward to every time I log on! Thanks for writing such an engaging and expectation-defying forum, and for keeping it so open and engaging. And most of all, congratulations on all your successes and progress in the past year--here's to more to come!

  4. hehe i said 'engaging' twice in one sentence. i guess i was feeling too aw-shucks to properly self-edit! :p

  5. Jeremy;
    Buddy, loved your post! One thing people learn about my blog is I am who I am. I hate pretentiousness(I grew up with it) and I'm not sheep that needs to do what everyone else is doing. In fact, I'm doing my life wrong if I can look to my right and left and see more like me. I'll say it like it is and hopefully there are people who get a weird mix of curiosity, intelligence and a heavy hand of humor. It's the balancing factor for life. No matter what happens, find it amusing as if it were written into a sitcom and you're starring in it. That's my advice for life and I'm sticking to it.

    Wow, glad you're totally engaged. I do the same thing. I tend to want to saw awesome all the time. Yes, I was a valley girl type in the 80s. I still use "wicked" all the time. My son says "mom you're so outdated" but his mom is a nerd, so he knows better than to adjust her. So, if you're regularly checking the place out, you're going to be shaking your head in 2011. I'm all about dynamics. No matter what I put on my blog, though, expect it to be of my standards of making you use your noggin in new ways, see things from strange angles and laugh, laugh, laugh. If you're up for that, we're going to have a banner year ahead, buddy!

  6. Happy New Years Autumn!
    I just had to drop in before the year was gone. My sister gave me a framed saying this Xmas- "Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone"...I would say that YOU definitely stepped out of yours! You Go Girl! You have been so Brave! I wish you only exciting joyous sparkling moments in the New Year!
    I have decided to write down GOALS for myself rather than resolutions. I plan to "PLAN" and to step out of my Comfort Zone also...I won't go into it here but I'm wanting to work more on healing and energy with animals...
    Anyway! XOXOXOX - Cindi

  7. You have certainly undergone many changes this year such as dropping your husband and lots of weight. I am glad we met, taken all those road trips (even the ones in the scorching summertime heat), and having me coauthor books with you. I love ya little sis and can't wait to see what next year brings us.

  8. Cindi;
    Thank you so much sweetie! I am thrilled by your desire to leave the comfort zone. You truly never know yourself until you face adversity and then you learn, "no matter what happens, I'll deal with it." That knowledge creates bravery and bravery creates opportunity and opportunity pays off. I am not the woman I was several months ago. I am now living to my potential. I had been holding myself back for so long. Now, I feel safer than I ever have because I'm in charge of the whole show. I don't like handing over the reins and trusting on fate that someone is going to look out for my interests. You consult with me about where you're headed as a creature comforter. My book about psychics including the chapter on creature comforters comes out in May. I want to pick your brain. I know only a handful of creature comforters and I want to learn more about your kind and how to help you develop the skills.

  9. Sis;
    We are such a pair! We are definitely of the Thelma and Louise variety and sometimes the Ethel and Lucy variety... This next year will be last year on crack because we're going to be making 3 more books together after the one we just finished and we're each doing 2 books on our own as well. Expect insane trips starting in February and we're going to drag the bloggers along with loads of videos and posts and maybe even a roadside twitter dare just for fun!

  10. I remember when I first found your blog. I stumbled upon it via the Season of Shadows blog. Being anything but a "Paranormal Expert", I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I found was a terrific blog from a fascinating woman. Your blog never ceases to be a daily internet haunt for me, and has inspired me in my own blogging. I'm very happy for in the way your blog changed your life. May the Great Pumpkin smile upon you always! And.... Happy New Year!

  11. HN;
    You are my favorite young blogger/Haunted attraction freak. You give me hope that the essence of Halloween and everything we hold sacred about the Samhain season will continue on with a sense of nostalgia and an understanding of what truly spooks people and unsettles them. I can't wait to see what you do next Halloween and we will definitely have to do another Zombie Walk that month! What chaos that will be! Well, we have 10 months to get it together, buddy. Let's start knocking around the ideas now.

  12. I love reading your blog, you have a great way of introducing people to the paranormal without shoving it down our throats or making us think you're a nutjob.

  13. Vapor;
    You make me laugh. Yes, well, I am a nut job and my friends would tell you that's so but that's because I'm wacky and fun and a big kid, but I'm always ruled by intelligence and skepticism, wonder and curiosity. I am not woo-woo, but I am a psychic. I have a decently impressive IQ but I have a bawdy sense of humor. I am a Virgo, but I have experienced the paranormal many times. So, these balancing forces are what make me tolerable in blog-sized bites. I'm thrilled you found my blog and follow. I need input from insightful people such as yourself. It's what I feed off of in order to make more content, so get to work and keep producing, my inspiration.

  14. What a wonderful; yet busy last 365 days you've had! Congratulations... you deserve every bit of happiness and success in the world! If I don't fall asleep by the fire; I may be joining you this evening, my friend.

    May the next 365 days be even better than the last!

  15. You've had a big year! Congratulaions. I also loved Julie's post with all the pictures of your and her amazing journeys this year. Ya'll have done a lot. I hope next year is as excting as this one was!

  16. Thanks sis! I hope you stay awake. Just don't hit the spiked toddies until later in the evening. I'm debating cold beer (it's like 30 outside right now) or hot cider with vanilla bourbon and rum in it. Seems like a no-brainer, huh? Well, when you live in a freaking desert, you want to burn cold in your memory for when it's 118 in July, so I try to overdo it with the chill. I was outside jogging around in my shorts and people thought I was insane, but I need to embrace it and I am nordic by nature, so the tall viking redhead is doing her sprints in the cold, nothing new around here. I hibernate when it gets hot. Yes, 2011, exciting year. 2010 was the pivotal year of my entire life when after a lifetime of complete neglect, I just said, "I EXIST DAMMIT! AND WHAT I NEED MATTERS!" The year of 2011 will be all about "I AM THE CONQUEROR!"

  17. Jessica;
    If you see smoke coming from AZ, it's just Julie and I with our pants on fire. Thanks! We are blazing a trail of making up for lost time like a couple of kids home alone and able to do all the grownup stuff without supervision. Oh Lord! AZ you better be ready for us!

  18. Sis, i am so honored to have met you through blogging. I would have never thought that this type of forum would be beneficial as I started reading certain blogs for other reasons. I'm glad I started my own and that you found me! You have given me encouragement where I had nothing but fear. Thanks for all of it! I'm so excited for you and Julie and know that the book will be a big success! It's awesome, just like you!

  19. Little sis;
    We are definitely sisters separated at birth. That's what I love about blogging. You spin the wheel, land somewhere and no matter where you land, there is something of value. I've never seen a blog that didn't have a wonderful viewpoint and all kinds of hidden treasure, but mind you I've stayed away from the right wing gun-toting fundamentalist religious sites, so maybe I'm speaking too soon.

  20. LOL. Steer clear girl! There are some crazies out there! LOL...of course we may be considered crazies's all good!

  21. So, like; I was thinking that since it's 50 degrees here? I might; like have cold ciderr? And then it so started raining! That jogging in shorts is so awesome! Not!!

    I imagine I may stay awake to ring in the new year. ..

  22. I work tomorrow so I'll go to bed at 11. I hate the noise at midnight anyways. I'm in the health care industry, we have no holidays. Yes, I wear shorts year-round. I actually hate covering my legs up. I feel strangely strangulated when I do. It's not even 50 here today. BURR... I say a hot drink sounds good. I'm sure I'll do cider. I think it goes well with a Ghost Adventures marathon.

  23. I'm going to attempt to stay awake and watch some GA; after the early dinner with the in-laws. That is; if my hubby is OK. He came down with a splitting headache. :( I was happy to see the warmer temps and the rain as it melted all the snow we've had this month. I like the snow, but not the frigid temps. BRRR!! I may pop in this evening; but if not; I'll be giving a shout out to you, Julie, Jessica, and others tomorrow.

    You DO know I'll never be able to hear Moon Unit Zappa sing "Valley Girl" without thinking of this post. Right??


  24. Brenda;
    I used to do this thing with my son when he was growing up. I should do it on video some time. Every time we went to the mall, I used my valley girl speak the entire way. He thought I was insane, but it was, "like, totally awesome!" That would make a funny video. I'll take that into consideration. Have a cozy evening, sis.

  25. I really like the way you weave around the subject in your blog. Always something new here. All the best in '11.

  26. Sucio;
    Thanks, Dear. You have a marvelous 2011 and may it bring you lots of fun political things to put on your fantastic blog! (American politics alone should give you enough for several posts a day!)



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