Sexiest Movie Bad Guys

Yeah, it’s true; there are bad guy characters in film that also happen to be terribly sexy. We know a lot of the typical ones that aren’t even worth mentioning, like vampires and werewolves, but here’s some of the unexpected finds:

Quint, the potty-mouthed, sailor ditty singing, hunter of the shark in “Jaws” was played by Robert Shaw quite brilliantly. What did a shaggy-haired, rough-bearded, scarred, and rebellious sailor have to offer the female species? A body of expertise and experience, sparkling blue eyes, and a rolling dialect that made a woman wonder what he’d seen in the ports he stopped in during his long career. He didn’t seem to want or even like anyone, which made him even more intriguing and challenging.

“The Hitcher” in the 1986 movie played by Rutger Hauer. What? A nasty killer? Well, it surprised me too, but when I confessed to friends that he turned me on (and not my usual kind of guy because he's fair-haired), they actually giggled and admitted he was sexy. We thought maybe it was his eyes, but even more attractive is the fact that you never really know where he came from, what he wants or what he will do next. He represents the unknown.

Captain Daniel Gregg played by Rex Harrison in the 1947 movie “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.” Talk about a salty, naughty-mouthed sea man-this character had the corner on the market. He was intrusive, prickly, set in his ways, didn’t understand the female sex in the least, and yet was quietly humbled by a gentle voice.

Dale Massie, was a nasty, dirty, bad boy in the movie “Cold Creek Manor” played by Stephen Dorff to perfection. What did this angry, tense, resentful killer have that was attractive? Well, put simply, he was walking talking sex. Just raw, do-it-anywhere, packing powerful hips kinda guy.

You know I’m going to have to name this one, Johnny Depp’s character, Jack Sparrow. Drunken, lecherous, self-absorbed, careless and inept, yet women can’t get enough of the eye-liner wearing, unkempt pirate. Huh? Well, part of it might be the hair and the dialect. The other part is the simple promise of a fast tumble and forget you, please. Yes, even girls appreciate that fantasy. There’s also something terribly attractive about the roving eyes of a lech when it’s not done in a creepy backstreet flash-you-in-my-raincoat kind of way, but the way that sums a woman up from head to toe and a pleasant little smile of promise on his lips, or in Sparrow’s case, a pat on the fanny.

I’m very curious to see who you find to be the yummiest bad boy characters in film. I won’t even get into TV guys—there’s a lot of naughty boys nowadays from “Mad Men” to “Dexter” to “Nip/Tuck.”


  1. There is one that immediately comes to mind...James Dean. Oh gosh, did I have a crush on him. I was devastated when he died. Marlon Brando was a sexy bad guy as well when he was in his prime, but he lost it all when he got older.

  2. darth vader? bad guy from charlie's angels first movie and iron man 2?

    wait i want the sexiest chickies bad girls... phoenix, Xenia Onatopp, Evelyn Stockard-Price?

    i am sure are more, but brain is cold...

  3. How did you forget Hans Gruber...

  4. Your list is great but I must add; Ray Liotta "Unlawful Entry"; Michael Douglas "Romancing the Stone"; Ryan Reynolds "Amityville Horror"; Brad Pitt "Legend of the Falls"; and Sam Worthington "Terminator Salvation", just to name a few. There are more but these are all I could think of for now.

  5. Mary; Wasn't Marlon Brandon in "Oklahoma" as the bad guy worker on the farm? He was sexy.

    Jeremy; I'm glad you listed the chicks cause honestly I wouldn't know where to begin. I guess I'd put high on the list the chick from "Live Free Die hard" or whatever--the last in the series the chick that went karate on Bruce Willis.

    Hans, baby... Damn! I loved that movie that kicked off the series. Yippie Kiyay!

    Fantastic list!!! Except I am not a Brad Pitt gal. I think he looks like Peter Pan.

  6. Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp. Oh, and did I mention Johnny Depp??? He could get up on stage and fart and I'd think he was sexy. He's incredibly yummy! Dark haired, dark eyed, American Indian descent from Kentucky....I'm hooked! I told the beau that I was extremely sorry but if Johnny Depp came and pledged his love for me and wanted to be with me the rest of his life, well, shallow me would just have to go! Sorry but D.A.M.N!

    Is it hot in here? (fanning self)

  7. I get why women like Johnny, but he's really not my type. He's too short for one and not masculine enough. I like them a bit more rough around the edges and weather beaten. It's funny when I got to talking to my friends about who's hot and who's not, the names that got thrown around. I felt like a dork when I called out "Bruce Willis." My friends thought I was crazy. I'm totally hot for him.

  8. Great list. I agree with Vapor - Alan Rickman makes a fantastic villian - (for me) he was one of the only redeeming factors in (Costner) Robin Hood.

    Happy New Year!


  9. I'm more into bad girls. A prime example would be Servelan.

  10. Sucio;
    Thanks for turning me onto that. I am crazy about the old 70s BBC series that were horror-based and the comedy ones they have nowadays. I have to check this one out. I admit to being an Angliophile.

  11. I see nothing wrong with Bruce Willis. He IS hot; so call me a dork, too. Ryan Reynolds (and yes; Johnny Depp!) are both hot; but clearly, I have missed out on Dale Massie. I'll be sure to correct that slight oversight. Soon!

  12. Quint will forever be my hero and sets the bar for a lot of my fishing expectations. Someday I wish to have one of those moments were I see the fish and say, “I need a bigger boat”.


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