Monday, June 30, 2014

The Universal Symbol of the Ancients Revealed!

(Newgrange, Ireland - above)

It might have aided a cover-up or possible ignorance and close-mindedness in the archaeology world that concepts of ancient astronauts and ancient aliens were applied to all the inconsistencies we see. We were told we did not travel the world in ancient times, and yet there are symbols and architecture and shared commonalities that do not jive with evolution of Homo Sapiens and their time line around the world, having exited Africa around 80,000 years ago.

But, we cannot deny that there was a common influence around the world - the first civilization is my theory, or the "Originators." They did the hard evolutionary jump of basic knowledge for hundreds of thousands of years before us. We "Natives" came upon it and played with it, adopted it, tried to emulate it without understanding the knowledge that went into it (future Friday Vlog coming up on how we lost ancient knowledge). 

Like Planet of the Apes, I do believe we managed to try to adopt a prior branch of humanities knowledge. Our encounters with these Originators had us tattooing our skin, elongating our baby's heads and giving flesh sacrifices to these carnivorous cannibals. Whole religions were based on our love/hate relationship with these god people who were so advanced. All of our origins show our influences by the culture that was FIRST.

The symbol most universally utilized is the spiral. Let's have a look at its influence on cultures around the world, many of them isolated by others before long-distance sea voyaging (for Homo Sapiens, that is).

(Malta - above)

(Chaco Canyon, New Mexico - above)

(Verde Valley, Arizona - above)

(Ireland - above)

(Crete - above)

(South Africa - above)

(Peru - above)

(Orkney Islands - above) 

(Alaska - above)

(Easter Island - above)

(Australia - above)

(California - above)

(Romania - above)

(Russia - near Ural Mountains, thousands of these micro spiral objects were found dating around 20,000 years ago - above)

(Mummy head found in China - double spiral tatt across sinuses)

In terms of the spiral shape, what does it mean? We tend to think of ancient man as very spiritual. In fact, the Originators (it is my belief), were way advanced. The spiral was the key to everything from the shape of our galaxy to the shape of the inner ear. In fact, this is significant because I believe they had an advanced knowledge born from hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us that led them to the knowledge that acoustics are the doorway to the universe. 

The symbol of the spiral was universal sign for sound waves, for emanating, for the ongoing cycle of perpetual motion, for building megaliths, for achieving otherworldly interaction through sound waves, and even charting the heavens. 

Our very DNA is spiral shaped. Listen to what DNA replication sounds like in musical form here. 

As always, I encourage you to explore these things yourselves with these links below.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer In Virginia

I had an amazing time trekking through my hometown of Fairfax, my summer hometown of Newpoint Virginia and many abandoned place and cemeteries along the way. I made some videos I'd like to share. Hope you get the essence of the great state of Virginia!

Here's a compilation of the hometown of Fairfax (above)

Here's a compilation video of my trek to Mobjack Bay and my old summer home (above)

Here's a montage to Beach Boys of why Virginia Tidewater is awesome! (above)

Here's a montage to bluegrass music of cemeteries in Virginia - very haunting! (above)

Here's a montage to bluegrass music of abandoned sites in Virginia (above)

Cursed? Dead Child Actors

Jonathan Brandis 
Died by hanging

Jonathan had so much potential. You see him in "It" and he was Richard Thomas as a kid.

River Phoenix 
Drug overdose

River should have been nominated for "Stand By Me." Such raw talent, not pasteurized by over-training.

Dominique Dunne 

Dominique was amazing in "Poltergeist" and I saw so much potential for her to be able to portray a wide range of characters with lots of hidden depths.

Heather O'Rourke 
Bowel obstruction

Who didn't love Heather in "Poltergeist?" She was the embodiment of innocence and vulnerability.

Corey Haim 

Corey was a total blast in so many things he did. I adored him in "Lucas" and I laughed so hard in "Lost Boys."

Anissa Jones 
accidental overdose

Anissa Jones was the lovable freckled girl from "Family Affair" who carried her doll, Miss Beasley, with her everywhere. Sadly, she died of a lethal injection of several drugs, ruled as "accidental."

Bridgette Anderson  
accidental overdose on heroin

From the movie "Savannah Smiles," she was adored by many and lost way too soon.


Drug overdoses and suicide - the major killers of child stars. It's a crazy world being a kid that goes from math class and playground to public appearances, fans, and parents fighting over money and spending. Understandably, the child must shift in their self perception from "I'm a kid" to "I'm carrying a movie." 

Is it a curse? 

Some people who won the lottery say that was a curse. Some people married to a sports star say that was a curse. What some people think is a dream, to others is a reality. That reality includes a group of advisers, agents, parents, and others pressuring, cajoling, insisting, and demanding more work, even when they have passed the "cute" phase. 

The sad truth is that these actors all could have made the transition to adult acting or some other career of their choice and the world is suffering for their loss, as it suffers the loss of all life and industry.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Example of Halloween Party Planning

First, I'll tell you how I did this zombie makeup:

Take Elmer's Glue or liquid fake skin and use a Q-tip and apply it to your face and make some gloppy and thick areas where there will be wounds. Let it dry complete.

Now, take purple eye shadow and use a sponge to pat it around in spots around the face to make mottling. Next, mix black and white face makeup to make gray and sponge that all over the face, patting it on so the purple remains seen through it like splotchiness. Take the purple and work some bruising under the eyes. Peel back some of the flesh so it dangles and then put more gray makeup under it where your naked skin is exposed. When you want to do a wound, use a toothpick to dig a hole into the fake skin and take a black eyeliner pencil and draw a dark area deep inside the wound to give it depth. If you want to add bruising, use purple in the center, green around it and then yellow on the outer edge. Take fake blood and put it in a straw or the cap of the bottle and gently pour some of it into the wound's hole and let it drop naturally. Drip some at the corner of your mouth or other wounds. Consider doing your lips with the same gray as your skin and add a little blue if you like for that cyanotic look.

Party advice - 

Spend your money on booze and food. Forget spending it on outrageous decorations. Pick a theme that allows for an assortment of "found" things.

For example, if you want to have a castle, do this cheap alternative - start collecting cardboard boxes way ahead of time to construct and paint a structure of your own making. It's almost free. Some people get paper that looks like castle walls to cover their walls. Nope. Get cardboard, cut the boxes apart, attach to the wall with tacks. Now, take a knife and carve blocks out of it. Don't cut all the way through. Take a big car sponge and a tin pan with some gray paint in it and sponge it onto the squares. You now have castle walls that cost you a jar of paint and a sponge.

When I planned this party, the theme was Postapocalyptic Graveyard and the invites looked like a nuclear holocaust. I put a sign on the front door, routing people into the backyard side gate. They entered past caution tape and lots of nuclear radiation symbols into a yard lit by a black light and tons of crosses pounded into the ground painted with florescent paint. A nuclear graveyard. The crosses were made by taking down some old lattices I had for plants and pounding them into crosses. Florescent paint at the store - 99 cents a jar, took about 2 jars. Black light was 9.99 at Spirit Halloween.

The guy above was on the end of the graveyard, a sentinel with a gas mask and a radiation symbol. No cost.

Then, folks entered the pool area. I put a piece of green plastic over the pool light to make it bright neon green in the water. Floating on the surface were empty water jugs (no cost, drank the water) and they had extra fluorescent green paint put inside and rolled around with radiation symbols on them floating on the surface. With styrofoam balls and black paint and black pipecleaners, I made giant spiders all over the walls around the pool. Radiation size!

The back patio near the pool was the food spread and a wheelbarrel filled with ice and booze (see menu below).  The patio was lined with old sheets that were tea died and the edges torn off to look ancient.

(sheet covered with holy fabric and plastic craft store mask attached to a ball died by fishing line to a tree - makes a floating ghost)

Entering the main yard, there was a bonfire going in the fire pit, chairs everywhere. A Reeper, a ghost,

a graveyard, and tons of baby dolls in front of the shed where a creep doll animation movie by Brothers Quay played against the wall of the shed and house, including the real dolls with the movie ones. Inside, the band room was open and musicians came and went to play. The bathroom was set up with bloody hand prints and the walls covered in printouts of celebrity autopsy reports and criminal reports for killings.

(By day, innocent looking)

(By night, with the creepy doll movie projected against it - chilling!

Open music room for jamming

... a Halloween party isn't complete without a drunk pirate tambourine dude.


White Pizza Dip
1 envelope of Knorr’s herb and garlic pasta mix (in dried seasoning section near dried spaghetti mixes and dried chili mix packets)
½ lb (8 oz) sour cream ½ lb ricotta cheese (8 oz)
1 oz pepperoni chopped 1 c. shredded mozzarella
1 loaf of french bread or italian or baguette bread sliced
Preheat oven to 350. Combine all with ¾ c. mozzarella and sprinkle rest of mozzarella on top. Cook x 30 mins. Serve with bread dippers.

Build Your Own Nachos
Crockpots with melted velveeta in one, and heated chili with no beans in another. Basket of tortilla chips. Paper bowls. Little containers with sour cream, guacamole, green chilies, pickled banana peppers, diced tomatoes.

Dips and Dippers
Container of black bean dip, container of hummus
Carrot, celery, and grape tomato dippers, as well as baked pita dippers

Italian Lovers Pumpkin
Hollow out pumpkin, put ice inside and then a container that fits in the hole filled with marinara sauce.
Take chunks of pepperoni and fresh mozzarella and place on toothpicks and stick into the side of the pumpkin.

Dessert: Brownies with Reese's cups pressed into them while they were still hot, cookies on the drink table, along with Halloween candy scattered on the tables.

white wine, port, water, sodas, and beers, and this punch:

Apple Pie Punch

Apple cider, spiced rum, and hot cinnamon schnapps to taste, floating slices of apple on top and a red vine straw in the cups.

The Domes: Creepy Interesting Buildings

Local legends are always fun. This one is very scary.

In Casa Grande (just northwest of I-10 meeting I-8, south on Thornton Rd which is a washboard dirt road) there's a place called "The Domes." This conglomeration of weird-shaped buildings was originally built as a semiconductor factory that never opened. What is left is a bunch of very long and Kiva-shaped buildings that are open to the elements. And to transients.

There are lots of legends about HohoKam indian spirits, shadow people, and murders having happened there. None of that was corroborated, but it seems like bad things should happen there. It is very bleak, very eerie. In fact, it's just so weird that Zak and the Boyz from "Ghost Adventures" had to check it out. They ran into an indigent. 

People have reported black magic rituals, a rape and murder, black figures darting between the buildings, tapping on cars, weird sensations, and weird vibrations. A story about The Domes can be found in Julie Ferguson's and my book, "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)"

The place appears to be just haunted by indigents who from time to time make it their hideout, but the landowners now rent it out for $300 to people who want to have parties in this crumbling "city." Sounds reverberates inside and ricochets and the racquet is insanely creepy. A simple footstep sounds like a giant walking.  It's riddled with graffiti and honestly has some strange feelings but the land in Casa Grande in general has an odd feel as if the ancient extinct tribe of HoHoKam left some kind of spiritual energy behind.

The first time I went there, indigents had set up a house with all kinds of furnishings inside. As I approached and looked in and my eyes adjusted to the dimness in comparison to the blazing desert sun, I saw a bed of sorts, table, and then a guy running towards me yelling, arms in the air in fists. His screaming voice was amplified to a deafening tone inside the kiva.

I ran and caught my shirt on the barbed wire on the way out.

I felt compelled to go back a few times just to photograph this interesting place before it completely came down.

As you can see, the place is photogenic.

It's definitely one of Arizona's weird and freaky spots.  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cleaned Up Shot Of Supposed Sasquatch

Freddie Kanney did a nice job of clarifying the details on a photo used for Finding Bigfoot's Louisiana episode. The team was unclear what they were seeing, but using the right program, one can elucidate more detail. Thank you to Freddie for showing what appears to clearly be a man walking in a jacket.

Chilean Alien Baby

I admit I was thrilled when “Destination Truth” rushed to Chile to look at some mines that were supposedly inhabited by little alien creatures and the strange lights seen around the area. They did have some interesting occurrences involving lights and the possible finding of a chicken skeleton wrapped in cloth (sans its head) which was probably some kind of ritual offering to ward of bad things.

I’m interested in Chile because it has the largest copper mines in the world. It is also part of the world that has an enormous amount of UFO sightings. Whether mining and lights go hand-in-hand, I can’t prove, but I do think there is definitely a connection. I also can’t say if they’re UFO lights or they’re spooklights created by the awesome earth composition there.

In searching for what’s up with the supposed “Mexican alien baby” (much touted on “Monsterquests” episode about flying humanoids), I got diverted by the possibility of another “alien baby” in Chile in 2002.

The article on this site was utterly fascinating. Now, I’m about the last person to buy into online hooey or urban legends or any other kind of suspicious story, but I do enjoy conjecture and theories. Sometimes, when these sorts of stories end up being hoaxes, they do prove an important event.

How is that possible?

They make us stop and study something logically, rationally, critically, and then when we have moments of doubt, we consider what we would do if this thing truly was real.

I don’t mind that kind of mental exercise. It’s precisely why I study hauntings and the theories behind them. They keep my skills up because even when I’m debunking, I ask myself “if I can’t find out what caused this and I come to believe it’s truly unexplainable, what is it? What do I do with it?”

The story of this intriguing Chilean alien baby is that in 2002, a vacationing family came across this little creature that was just under 3” long. Apparently, a child found it under the bushes, wrapped it up in paper and it the thing lived for 8 days, sometimes opening its eyes. For now, the family keeps the little mummified “thing” in their own keeping. There’s talk of having it tested but it doesn’t seem like this is going anywhere.

What can we determine from this unusual case?

Well, for me, it’s that alien babies are way cool! I have to admit a fascination with the concept. I can’t quite figure out why this happens south of the border only, but I do hope to find out if such cases have occurred anywhere else in the world.

If this is a mental exercise in “what would I do if…” then, my logical mind says this is an earthly life form, perhaps a cave dwelling creature. Why am I doubtful this thing is a real alien from space? Jeez, about a thousand reasons, but the ultimate one would be basic commonsense.

Take humans for instance. We have opposable thumbs that make us able to create things with our hands. Our ability to walk upright makes us able to cover ground while holding a weapon in our hands. Our advanced cranial capacity gives us powers unlike any other creatures we come up against, the ability to reason and plot. Why would a creature so very tiny, frail, and delicate have developed advanced machinery to reach earth? That would, to me, show a propensity (like man) to manufacture. Manufacturing involves heavy work from ore to metal to construction. If you have a creature with a very high level of intelligence but not much physical strength, you’re more likely to find a creature that’s overly developed in telepathy and the spiritual realm, not the “I fly from here to there” realm. It's natural to work with what you have, and these little land-dwelling shrimps do not have brawn.

Then, I'm reminded too of the Atacama Skeleton - 

This was found in Chile in the desert in 2003. It was 6 inches long and found, after DNA testing, to be a human who was perhaps 7-8 years old and had lived and eaten, and had some sort of unbelievable defect as to have grown like this and managed to stay alive. They think he might have had progeria, the disease that makes a person grow old very fast and die young. But, still, he was only 6 inches tall! 

I hope I made y'all wonder. You know me, I enjoy conjecture. I just had to write this one up. It got my mind thinking and you know that’s a crazy pastime for me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Interior of My Childhood Home

I took a wonderful tour of the interior of the home I grew up in, site of my book, "Growing Up With Ghosts."

Heading into the Chesapeake, the site of my upcoming book, "Vacationing With Ghosts," I took some video - beautiful land. I love the Chesapeake so much!

Best Mobjack Bay Boat Tour

While Julie and I were visiting the Tidewater Virginia area, going to my old childhood summer stomping grounds, we were excited to go out to the Newpoint Comfort Lighthouse.

We used Mathews DeadRise Charters and Captain Trey safely trekked us out to get beautiful photos. The boat was comfy, the sights amazing, his information so helpful, and he made the whole experience the epitome of southern charm and wonder at nature and The Bay. 

I cannot recommend this boat tour enough! 

Here's just some of the fun, including dolphins!


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