Cursed? Dead Child Actors

Jonathan Brandis 
Died by hanging

Jonathan had so much potential. You see him in "It" and he was Richard Thomas as a kid.

River Phoenix 
Drug overdose

River should have been nominated for "Stand By Me." Such raw talent, not pasteurized by over-training.

Dominique Dunne 

Dominique was amazing in "Poltergeist" and I saw so much potential for her to be able to portray a wide range of characters with lots of hidden depths.

Heather O'Rourke 
Bowel obstruction

Who didn't love Heather in "Poltergeist?" She was the embodiment of innocence and vulnerability.

Corey Haim 

Corey was a total blast in so many things he did. I adored him in "Lucas" and I laughed so hard in "Lost Boys."

Anissa Jones 
accidental overdose

Anissa Jones was the lovable freckled girl from "Family Affair" who carried her doll, Miss Beasley, with her everywhere. Sadly, she died of a lethal injection of several drugs, ruled as "accidental."

Bridgette Anderson  
accidental overdose on heroin

From the movie "Savannah Smiles," she was adored by many and lost way too soon.


Drug overdoses and suicide - the major killers of child stars. It's a crazy world being a kid that goes from math class and playground to public appearances, fans, and parents fighting over money and spending. Understandably, the child must shift in their self perception from "I'm a kid" to "I'm carrying a movie." 

Is it a curse? 

Some people who won the lottery say that was a curse. Some people married to a sports star say that was a curse. What some people think is a dream, to others is a reality. That reality includes a group of advisers, agents, parents, and others pressuring, cajoling, insisting, and demanding more work, even when they have passed the "cute" phase. 

The sad truth is that these actors all could have made the transition to adult acting or some other career of their choice and the world is suffering for their loss, as it suffers the loss of all life and industry.


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