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Habituation Situation: Researcher's Words As We Wrap Up This Series

The well-loved series documenting early 2000s Bigfoot research done in Texas is at an end and the research y'all came to know as "Dusty" has some words about the experience.

I am extremely honored that they would let me archive this research as it was quite groundbreaking. I have spent many hours reviewing audio and video from the site with MK Davis who was given the content to examined. I learned much about their habits, communication, and interactions with the property owners and researchers. 

I encourage you to look at the links at the bottom of this post that take you to all the episodes that chronicle and archive several years of intense research on one Bigfoot clan in East Texas. 

I am also going to place below videos MK Davis has reviewed expertly from the research site. I leave my intelligent readers to come to their own conclusions about this site and the existence of Bigfoot. I cannot give you an encounter with one, but I can share this research that shows a definite back and forth on a property fraught with interactions. 

Here is "Dusty's" final statements - 

Hard to believe that the experiences related to this series happened approximately 18 years ago. Seems like yesterday. 

In January 2002, I and another few co-researchers were invited to investigate the happenings on a family property in the NE Texas
area. This started an adventure that lasted for me until The fall of 2004. 

What started out with investigating an undocumented 'ape' creature ended with being led into different levels of awareness by the Sasquatch/Forest Giant peoples. The ones we experienced called themselves the 'Ancient Ones'. They all had names and they gave the ones of us at the habituation site, names. They communicated with us on different levels: 1) chanting/speaking in a native American language 2) leaving various drawings and writings on a black board and notebooks 3) leaving written Ogam writings 4) speaking their names and ours 5) and doing a lot of messing with us, as a game.

Even though I was on the family property and the general area in 2002, I didn't actually start taking the photos of the on-going activity until 2003. The 899 photos in this series cover 54 days from that 2003-2004 time frame. Nearly all the days are weekends with a few days during the week. 

Typically, we would try to visit 1 or 2 weekends a month. My 2 co-investigators and I all lived in the greater Dallas area at the time. It was an effort to visit. There were times when only 1 of us could visit for a weekend. 

The family was very gracious and hospitable with the visits. We actually stayed on the property every visit and even ate meals with the family. The five of us (the 3 of us plus the husband/wife) were a real team in investigation and research. FYI there were other independent researchers that were invited to visit the property also. They were few and only came when invited.

Here's some items related to the home owner's property and the area that was ideal for this on-going activity: 
1) the property is 33 acres 
2) there is a cabin in the pasture 
3) 2 fairly large wooded areas on the property 
4) 2 ponds, 1 pond is a natural spring pond 
5) an open tractor/storage barn in the back of the property 
6) behind the tractor/storage barn the main family garden plot 
7) another garden near the family house and the major wooded area
8) a major creek passing through the property near the house and through the main woods. The property owner (husband) had set aside the main wooded area as a Sasquatch people preserve. 

Here's some area items 
1) to the west, across the road from the property is a 8,000+ acres Texas Wildlife Management Area. 
2) A major lake just a few miles away 
3) the property is on the edge of the local rural community of approximately 200 residents at that time. a number having had their own encounters. 
4) to the east, 1-2 miles is a TANG training reservation, 15,000 acres. training is done sparingly at this site. I trained there several times in the late 80's as a National Guardsman. 

I guess the main item was that the couple owning the property was the type of people the Sasquatch/Forest Giant people wanted to interact with. The couple had been under observation and seemed to be approved for this interaction. 

To me, this nearly 3 years of experiences went far beyond what I was expecting. It went to so many different levels that eventually I had to leave that area. It was like I was not in control anymore. I have to be able to put it down when necessary. I have to remain in control. I have done that over the years. Investigate and research for some time then put it behind me for an amount of time.

It was a fascinating 3 years. This is not some 'ape' creature in the woods. To me, through my experiences, these are a 'Forest People' with families, structure, language, etc. They can live in the rural areas and also the urban wilderness, wooded areas. They can interact and 'mess' with people as they choose. I just happen to have experienced being messed with quite a few times back 2002-2004 and as recently as a May 2020. 

 Hope this has enlightened you. Be in control. Thanks.


Below are some videos from the research project, having been evaluated by video expert, MK Davis. 

Please subscribe to MK's channel as he is a leading expert in evaluating Bigfoot evidence and a really good human being who actually does the field research, endless hours of studying video, researching history and cultures. 

MK Davis Blog
MK Davis YouTube

Some people are famous for being in the right time at the right moment when it comes to Bigfoot, but they have absolutely no skin in the game when it comes to hard work. MK works tirelessly and without compensation because, like me and my readers, he's a curious mind!

Throughout the series, more videos were shared and I hope y'all take the time to look at some of them - links below are to the series installments.

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