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Habituation Situation: Bigfoot Imitate Groupings and Evidence of Neighbor's Property Intrusion

Every Monday on Ghost Hunting Theories I continue to archive what I consider to be one of the most significant habituation situations documented by researchers. As the series continues along, field notes, photos, audio and video will be revealed on a massive scale.

As the researchers worked to understand the entities they were dealing with, aro
und every corner they found more and more startling evidence and interactions that changed their viewpoint on everything they thought they knew about mankind.

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July 12, 2003

On the west side of the creek, a new formation found with limbs (above). This was assumed done by the Bigfoot and involving a used bed iron with a hollow coconut shell hung on it. To the right in the distance is their mirror and a Xmas decoration.

(above) A can that the researchers had cut up so the Bigfoot would cut their fingers reaching . Empty jam jar found in the can. (A full jar of jam had been left).  

A strange looking formation (above)

West of the creek in the "Bigfoot Preserve," the property owner stacked some rocks (above).

Near the fire pit, the property owner had left out three rocks. And the Bigfoot left three more to reflect that (above). 

(above) The property owner put three rocks atop of the fire pit ring. 

(above) The Bigfoot left three limbs beside the fire pit that contained the three rocks.  These limbs were pointing north to south. 

(above) Large X found. 

The creek runs north and south. On the west side is the "Bigfoot Preserve" area. A neighbor had laid a sign on top of the property owner's fence along the highway that leads to the lake. The sign went missing for some time. Then, the researchers found it in some dead fall and turned it over to read that it was the sign that had been left on the fence some time ago. (above) 

(above) A distant look at the place the sign was found (center) 

On the west side of the creek (above) Dusty put up a door opening shape and Christmas decorations. 

Dusty hung a shirt up over a bush (above).

Where at previous cedar tree break was (above) Dusty put pullover sweater over it. 

On the east side of the creek between the house and creek, Dusty set up this stick formation (above). 

On the west side of the creek (above) Dusty put together this stick formation where the camo tent blind was. 

This harmonica (above) was left in a crook of a tree by the property owner. It now showed up atop of this neighbor's box. The piece of cut wood atop the box is from an old box made to hide cameras.

Dusty set up this piece of bed iron, the coconut half shell on a limb (above). 

The creek runs through the property owner's property but also through neighbors' yards. Following the creek through the next door neighbor's yard, they entered the following neighbor's yard where they  found this cedar (above) pushed over.

On that same neighbor's property, more bows and push-overs were found (above). 

More bows and push-overs on same property (above) 

On the west side of property (Bigfoot Preserve), in the neighbor's property, more limb bows. 

In that same neighbor's area, a giant "X" formation (above). 

A teepee-like formation (above) on neighbor's property.

Cedar push-overs and X-formation with other limbs worked into formation (neighbor's property above). 

More pushovers in neighbor's yard/possible shelter? (above)

(above) neighbor's property - unusual formation.

(above) on neighbor's property, appears as if it had been broken upwards. 

An X-formation (above) on neighbor's property. 

In the wildlife management area, about 3-4 miles down the road, and just to the west of the lake, Dusty and the property owner found (above) a large push-over falling into another tree. 

(above) Large teepee formation west of the lake.

In the same area (above) west of the lake, a twist and bow.

Fresh poo (above) west of the lake.

(above) Size comparison of poo. 

(above) double twists of cedar in wildlife management area. 

Near the wildlife management area, a huge log with two small trees holding it up (above). 

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