Habituation Situation: Chairs and Tires Everywhere!

Every Monday on Ghost Hunting Theories I continue to archive what I consider to be one of the most significant habituation situations documented by researchers. As the series continues along, field notes, photos, audio and video will be revealed on a massive scale.

As the researchers worked to understand the entities they were dealing with, around every corner they found more and more startling evidence and interactions that changed their viewpoint on everything they thought they knew about mankind.

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March 29, 2003

The team ventured into the Wildlife Management Area at the peninsula near the lake. They came across this X formation and the one below -

This formation above was unusual.

A "door" formation (above).

A tree had been bowed (above).

A cedar tree was pushed over (above).

A small cedar was bowed over (above).

When another small cedar was pushed over (above), Dusty began to wonder if the youths might be testing their skills, repeating what mom and dad do.

Back on the property again, the team set up some tires to see what would happen. And something would....

April 12, 2003

Fresh tree break on the property near one of my cameras on the west side of the creek (above).

It probably happened Thursday or Friday (this was Saturday).

The team listened to the video sound (where they got their audio captures). One of the nights on the video, they heard a distinct crack of a tree being snapped.

On the property, Dusty created a tire stack with inner tube and limb. He set it up on March 29th. These he moved to the wood stump just north of the clearing on the east side of the creek, away from where he had the stack previously.

The Bigfoot stacked them up on stump and a limb sticking up and inner tube is on that piece of wood. Just north of the clearing, away from Dusty's stack, but not very far.

All researchers there that weekend moved tires to new location west of the creek near the new break.

This is a side view (above) of the inner tube on the stick coming out of the tire stack.

That limb was found in the southeast area of the property. where their fenceline meets neighbor and there is a wooded area.

The researchers' lawn chair was tossed up into the tree – way up. Two chairs had been set up – one folded and one plastic chair. Dusty urinated on the nearby cedar tree. The chair was 12 feet or higher in the tree near where chairs were set up. (They found out that if they made a setup and urinated near there, all the items were tossed around).

Limb #1 (above) Dusty had this limb in the chair and it is now balanced in the tree in the same tree the folding chair tossed in. Approximately 6-7 feet off ground.

Limb #2 (above) from chairs was up in the cedar tree next to the one with the folding chair. (Limb horizontal goes behind tree in center of pic). About 4-5 feet off ground.

The plastic chair found approx. 50 feet from the formation it had been set up in. A number of trees in the immediate area had twists with hairs in them.

Other limbs (above) that were in the chair arm rest, standing up in it.

Other limbs that were in chair arm rest, found up in trees at various positions. Way up there! 12-14 feet up (above).

New set up (above) for chair with limbs from the prior set up and plastic chair.

Shook foldable chair out of tree and brought back and set it up with plastic chair on the trail (above). The researchers urinated on the new setup on each chair.

They moved limb and inner tube from limb and put on location across the creek and put the inner tube on the fresh break (photo 1).

The researchers removed the tires from stump near the big pond to the west side of the creek near the limb break.

They set up a new formation and chained the tires to a small tree (above).

On game cam near the chained tires at dusk, a face appears near the lens. It made a snorting sound (video clarified by MK Davis below).

(above) Tire setup with limbs in the peninsula area near the lake. Dusty put the tires over a broken off tree. Nothing happened to it weeks later, it was left alone.

They had a game camera in a tall stump (above). The game camera was found on the ground with old sweatshirt up in its place in the tree. (Researcher had left the sweatshirt out). This was in the Bigfoot “preserve” area on the property outside of the gate. The stump was not very far into that area.

Dusty's limb and tire tube that were up in a tree were down. By the time he got to the location, the limb and tire tube were on the ground, probably due to high wind.

In the Bigfoot “preserve” area on the property. Deer feeder is in distance. Game cam caught a researcher walking by.

Game cam pointed toward feeder captures researchers leaving (above).

Coyote (above) captured on game cam.

Deer (above) captured on game cam near deer feeder (and unusual orb light not tied to property lights) shown in center of photo.

NOTE: A special thank you to MK Davis who worked with these videos to give us the best images. Many parts of the videos are on his YouTube channel.

MK Davis BLOG (The Davis Report on Wordpress)
MK Davis YouTube (GreenwaveFB2010)


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