Habituation Situation: Bigfoot Drawings! Communication!

Every Monday on Ghost Hunting Theories I continue to archive what I consider to be one of the most significant habituation situations documented by researchers. As the series continues along, field notes, photos, audio and video will be revealed on a massive scale.

As the researchers worked to understand the entities they were dealing with, around every corner they found more and more startling evidence and interactions that changed their viewpoint on everything they thought they knew about mankind.

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***Warning: As the team has had a back and forth for many months with the clan that goes in and out of this property, the forms of communication have been escalating. Having realized they were very good at creating new formations, the team wondered at their ability to communicate. This episode shows how it has progressed to a point no one ever imagined would occur ***

AUGUST 31, 2003

Potato salad was placed in the cooler and was later found on the ground about 20-25 feet north of where the cooler had been. Fork is there too (see pic above). Usually they left the fork in the cooler.

Inside cooler - empty soda can - food was taken as if it were licked clean.

Chalkboard. The researchers decided to put this out in the woods to see what the Bigfoot would do with the writings and pictures. The property owner's wife drew herself and above herself, she put tally marks for her years of age.

It is believed a Bigfoot female drew herself on the board and put her marks above.

Alarm clock found off the ice chest under the table.

Chalkboard. Researchers put Native American symbols on it. Ice chest. Jewelry attached to ice chest handle. Shirt

Food the researchers left in cooler, juice, mineral block, popcorn, corn on the cob, and small bag of sugar and yogurt.

Old coffee can they had cut originally to get blood. They eventually pushed the points in to not cut them. They didn't want to hurt them. It was the original food can when they began studies. They used to put candy bars and cans of herring or sardines inside.

Another setup in the area with chairs and t-shirts.

Mineral block inside of crook of two trees, Dusty put up. The one-man tent is just northeast of this tree.

Another setup by researchers. Four t-shirts east on the south garden fence. These got moved around often.

A drawing property owners did of them taking the ice chest out into the woods. The property owner also drew the cross and the sun. Some 
Ogham (old Western European writing method based on formation of twig-shapes) drawn on there too. 

Property owner's wife showed a happy version of her for getting her ice chest back after they took it.

These above were all done by the Bigfoot. (these are researcher's interpretation) Counterclockwise circle in top left - a thunderbird, a cross, squiggly line (stream/hills?), a female Bigfoot and a bird. Interesting the photo before the last, the property owner's wife had drawn a sun and a cross at the top. This photo appears to show a Bigfoot trying to imitate. 

The notebook was left in the one-man tent. The property owner's wife drew her and her husband and daughter.

Bigfoot drew the family unit (clan) of 3 females with breasts, 3 men with penises, and 3 young ones below. There were 9 members.

Property owner's wife drew their house and flowers, chickens, sunshine.

The Bigfoot drew this (above) - showing where they live. Was it over the Red River? Star above (similar to other star they drew on the UFO-looking picture below, showing consistency. As well, what is this large star the use as reference?) a waterway with movement in the water (river) and hills. There is also an up arrow.

October 4, 2003 

West of the creek in Bigfoot Preserve area near treehouse. Three painted tires at the back of where treehouse is. Green tire in the crook of the tree. Usually red tire was on bottom, but this time they stacked largest to smallest by Bigfoot. Two pieces of broken mirror propped up.

All items hung up around tire formation had been put in tire stack like a trash container. This is a downward shot of the stack above. Two mirror pieces upside down in there too.

Pieces of the broken mirror found in different locations. The cows could have broken it, but someone moved the pieces around.

Four of the tires were found laying in a row to the east of the garden, north-south direction on a little rise covered with grass.

Mirror pieces around the chair.

Two more pieces of mirror.

Two more pieces of broken mirror east of the garden by north of the trees. As the researchers had placed the mirror near the chair and against a tree around the property, it would seem they are either being imitated or prompted.

Another broken mirror north of the colored tires and west of the coconut shell above approximately 30 yards southeast of the treehouse.

East side of the creek see old tin shed that had collapsed. Another piece of broken mirror in the middle of the junk tin metal off the trail.

West side of creek. The doorway that Dusty made. He hung different rocks that had been left for him. He was showing he had them. A sort of thank you shrine. The feather had been left for him too so he hung it up there.

At the base of the doorway (in previous picture). Dusty left shells for them to exchange something for.

These bones had been left on a branch and Dusty left them hanging on the doorway. (Later, the Bigfoot used berry juice to mark the bones to decorate)

This is Bigfoot drawing above - quarter moon, full moon and half moon. Peace pipe? Alligator? They could only try to interpret. It would appear these moons are drawn in waxing cycle (although one has to wonder if that was intentional). They are out of order too for their cycle, but perhaps this was more a measure of time - 29.5 days? And what of the odd symbols below the moon? 

Picture above drawn by the Bigfoot - do not like hunters??? Note the arrow in the hide of the crying deer? Looks like the symbol used later on at the top of a page that could also be a rune sign, but in this drawing, it appears as an arrow. Is this upside down broom shape an arrow or a rune? Yet another mystery.

A researcher drew this one above with Native signs. Showing friendship.

In response to researcher's drawing - this one above (Bigfoot). Flying saucer? Mississippi River? Red River going East/West? Map of the United States in relation to the Earth? 

Owner's wife pasted pictures into notebook and crossed out the hunter and the weapons (bow and gun), showing sympathy and understanding. The Bigfoot drew herself.

Property owner's wife drew herself and trees and drew a Bigfoot behind tree looking at her. Showed Bigfoot seeing her and her not seeing Bigfoot. The Bigfoot showed what looked like a turtle shell, perhaps symbols and perhaps Oogham? "Yatasee"

Property owner's wife showed smiling and the Bigfoot put an X through the truck with the hunter.

Their possible home location. Looks like an area in Oklahoma, over the border from Texas. Hills and water, possibly Red River.

The Bigfoot drew this (above). A car knocking over a tree. Property owner's wife had left a Curious George book and there was a similar scene in it.

The Bigfoot left symbols that look Native American. Oogham?

SHARON (BLOG AUTHOR): Out of curiosity, I looked up the symbol.

It is referred to often as the "life" rune. Algiz symbol meaning
life/beginning/protection. "Endless peace."

ALGIZ (also called Elhaz) is a powerful rune, because it represents the divine might of the universe. The white elk was a symbol to the Norse of divine blessing and protection to those it graced with sight of itself. Algiz is the rune of higher vibrations, the divine plan and higher spiritual awareness.

The property owner left a topographical map out and a travel route was marked. Looks like they marked an area that stretched into Oklahoma.


I am adding more videos from the research time at this property. MK Davis has done an amazing job of analyzing it. These are some showing the white Bigfoot affectionately referred to as "Whitey." 

In this last clip, look in the upper left corner where that tree is. You will see him come out, go on all four, then stand and run across the top of the screen area.

MK Davis on YouTube

MK Davis Blog


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