Habituation Situation: Bigfoot Getting More Confident

Every Monday on Ghost Hunting Theories I continue to archive what I consider to be one of the most significant habituation situations documented by researchers. As the series continues along, field notes, photos, audio and video will be revealed on a massive scale.

As the researchers worked to understand the entities they were dealing with, around every corner they found more and more startling evidence and interactions that changed their viewpoint on everything they thought they knew about mankind.

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AUGUST 16, 2003

Far southeast side of property (above). A small sapling twisted over across the food bucket #6. 

Dusty did this formation (above) at food bucket #6. 

This formation (above) in the southeast part of the property, Bigfoot put these 4 limbs leaning against a big tree. 

The property owner had a pen from a friend. There were a lot of wild hogs on his property, so one of his friends had a hog pen, so he left it up because they were getting into their garden. This was in the southeast wooded area.  Dusty got up that morning, wandering around in the Bigfoot Preserve area and he heard hogs far away and goes to southeast area and found two hogs caught in the pen.  The friend took one hog and let the other one go. They let it go as a good breeding hog.  The man shot and gutted and cleaned the remaining hog.. 

In the property owner's home (above), on the table, items were left for the owner's wife where she had been leaving foods and rocks. What's in the photo above is what the BF left for her, including some fruit and rocks and a bone.

More items left (above) to owner's wife in exchange for food and drink left in a cooler near the camo blind in the "Bigfoot Preserve" for the BF.

Troll doll (above). Property owner's daughter's doll. This has been missing for over a year. During that time it was photographed in front of a trail cam. It was just returned when the owner's wife began leaving food and drinks in the cooler near the camo blind. The doll was found in the cooler.. The condition was immaculate after one year in the wild!

West of the creek (above) part of Dusty's previous formation moved onto the property owner's fence north of the treehouse, south of the old setup. The yellow tire (left upper) can be seen in the background. 

See the yellow tire near the tree (above) along fence line. Bigfoot ale bottles on a tree elsewhere (tied by Dusty) were moved here to hang over fence post, just east of Santa decorations on same fence.

Here (above) we see three of four painted tires looking east from behind the painted red tire. The yellow tire is to the south, the blue to the north, front of treehouse. 

The green tire is down in the creek (above) in the east line from the red tire above.

The deflated beach ball, tire tube and yellow cleaning sign in the crook of the tree at the treehouse. 

Red bowl, blue bowl, and bed iron on the ground (above) in an old setup area often used.

West side of creek. wilson head with camo head cover secured on top of stump that was destroyed earlier this summer. Done by Bigfoot. 

As Dusty passed around the stump, he noted his camo poncho stuffed under Wilson. When he removed the poncho and found 2 t-shirts and orange kerchief were rolled up in it. 

When Dusty unrolled the poncho, this is what he found inside - army gray shirt with lettering and under that was a Civil War reenactment shirt with orange kerchief. 

On the west side of the creek tire formation next to creek under the cedar tree. This setup was done by Bigfoot (above). 

This is the owner's wife's feeding setup. Near camo blind, clearing and trail. She put food, drink and even a fork inside the cooler. Also, a rock is left on the table for them to exchange food for. 

Overhead photo looking into cooler. She left even a hand wipe cloth, a Tupperware container for food and a glass jar with lid for tea.

Monkey doll put in the box in the camo blind. Under the monkey, a sweater, a camo bag and wooden beads on and around the doll. Done by the Bigfoot!

Doll wrapped in red cloth (above). Dusty's navy blue t-shirt as a pillow headrest. That was done by the Bigfoot. The owners of the property put the other items in there earlier in the background. Dusty's one man tent. 

Dusty did this baby doll (above) in his tent. He took the sweater from the monkey doll box and wrapped it around the baby doll. 

Dusty put the monkey doll in the box in the blind (above) hung the beads up on the blind.  Put the camo bag over the front of the monkey doll. 

This limb in the crook of the tree had been lying on the ground, now it is in the crook of the tree. It is going east-west. in a clearing area.

Mirror found face-down off a small trail in the northwest of the camo blind. Near food bucket #3.

A half coconut shell with feather in hole (above) was found hanging on back of a small tree that the drop light is on, hanging over a small broken limb. 

The camo box (which was out there for two years and used by the team) - above.  Green plastic chair  with limb leaning in front of it and towel found over tree limb and the box were just west of the creek. This was done by Bigfoot. 

This chair (above) has been smashed, thrown into the trees and now found down in the creek. This is a chair that has been urinated on in the past by the researchers. 

Another setup west of the creek. In front of the treehouse. Trail just past the tires. The trail crosses a concrete bridge over the creek to the left. Hanging light and mirror, tires, chairs, and more.

New setup by the researchers west of the creek. The rear view mirror on the tree, coffee can, camo poncho on a limb, Christmas decorations. 

Another setup by researchers with limb and gourd, bottle, and Christmas decoration. This was northeast of the treehouse. 

Another setup by researchers, four t-shirts west of the creek. 

Another setup by researchers (above). On east garden fence line. Red barn in distance.  Deflated beach ball, blue t-shirt, gray t-shirt, tire tube - all hanging on fence. Coleman lantern on the end.

Another setup by the researchers (above). Orange kerchief east of the treehouse on a low-hanging limb.

Bigfoot did this (above). Bucket #3 the Bigfoot had been there, ate corn, half a banana and left the orange, cat food and a plum.  The yellow half lid is on the ground (left) - it had been snapped onto the food bucket to keep food from falling out.

Bucket #2 (above) Bag of peanuts, Snickers bars and corn on the cob were gone. 

Bigfoot - curved left foot in creek, Big toe and one next to it visible, rest destroyed by a cow or other animal walking over it. 13", 5" across ball of foot, 3" across heel. Hat was placed to show size - that is a Civil War reenactment long-brimmed hat.

Right foot (above) had two tracks across the toes. Same length as other print - same individual assumed. 

Possible knuckle print (above) in front of the footprint. Left hand - 7" across from left little finger knuckle to right thumb knuckle. 

August 17, 2003 

South shore of the lake, they are on a boat on the lake. 

On south shore of the lake. Lake heron there. 

T-shirt on the ground and only the corn was taken (above). Bigfoot could have done this or cow putting its head through the fence. 

Mirror on the ground again with the folding chair, wilson and tire on the ground (above) - changes. 

At the food gifting table (above) two pears and 3 persimmons left for the property owners by the Bigfoot. The property owner had left a special rock for them under the pan.


  1. All of this is wonderful. Such a good healthy relationship. A note: my families here live dried tart cherries. They take the entire Ziploc bag full. And apples the entire bag as well.

    1. Very good! I laughed when my sister moved to the mountain where our aunt lived in West Virginia. My aunt I caught leaving food on a stump near the forest for the "white bear man" (She said "looks like a bear, walks like a man). When my sister got her little farm, it had an apple orchard along the forest. She said to me "I don't know what could be taking the apples from the entire backsides of the trees - all the way to the top! You think it's a raccoon?" Ha!


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