Habituation Situation: Large-Scale Interactions

Mondays on Ghost Hunting Theories I continue to archive what I consider to be one of the most significant habituation situations documented by researchers. As the series continues along, field notes, photos, audio and video will be revealed on a massive scale.

As the researchers worked to understand the entities they were dealing with, around every corner they found more and more startling evidence and interactions that changed their viewpoint on everything they thought they knew about mankind.


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May 9, 2004

In tractor barn - Play Dough container had been moved to the top of one of the researcher's box from out of the woods. Believed to be left by a Bigfoot. 

When they opened the container, there was a blue Play Dough ball put back into the container. It had been left out and was put back in by Bigfoot. 

In tractor barn a rug, sleeping bag, blanket and pillow found laid out on the hay in the corner of the barn as if someone had been sleeping there. Believed to be done by Bigfoot.

Two empty Play Dough containers are left on the hay in the tractor barn, believed to be done by Bigfoot. 

Pieces of blue Play Dough left in the barn on the hay. 

One small food bucket was brought into the barn from near the camo blind. This was believed to be left by Bigfoot.

Camo blind had been moved to southeast wooded area and someone has flattened it. This is also the area where the food bucket above had been located.

A formation of tires had been moved and limbs and branches put inside one of the tires. This was believed to be done by Bigfoot. 

A small tree bough in an arch. This is in the southeast wooded area close to the tires and the camo blind. 

Near the camo blind in the southeast wooded area is an empty grape jelly jar. 

In the same area, an empty peanut butter jar. Across the fenceline to the south, approximately 20 yards from the empty jelly container. 

In the same southeast wooded area, researchers found a bottle of water and the lids from the jelly and peanut butter jars. This was inside the flattened camo blind. Approximately 1/5 of the water was left in the bottle and top back on as if someone had drank it and put the lid back on. 

In the same southeast wooded area, crossed limbs outside of a trail opening.

East of the main creek that runs through the property, a new fence the property owner had put up. The new fence barbed wire pushed down. 

Same fence line, but if you look down, there are two push points as if two hands pushed down to swing leg over.

Along the same fence line, a donut wrapper on the east side of the fence along the trail. From one of their food buckets.

Outside the tractor barn, a peanut butter lid and a jelly jar.

Out west of the creek, west of the fire pit, a box turtle. 

West of the creek, west of the fire pit, fresh feces between the fire pit and the farm road. 

The tires have been moved west of the creek near the fire pit and with the deer feeder put upside down on them with pole legs up. This was believed to be done by the Bigfoot. 

A pi/open door symbol made with the deer feeder legs. 

Dusty hung up the Bigfoot and the walking Sasquatch up and then the US belt buckle that was hanging in another spot, it got moved to between the Bigfoot figures (by a Bigfoot). This was out by the fire pit area. 

Dusty had made a hanger where he left them stuff and they left him stuff back.  They gifted back and forth there and on the ground. A keychain says "B" on leather was moved to the gift limb by Bigfoot. This was west of the creek.

This Civil War reenactment medallion got moved to the south end of that same limb, likely by Bigfoot. 

The owners of the property hung dreamcatcher symbols near fire pit. 

Looking north to the south at the medicine wheel. The bones were added to this by the Bigfoot. 

This (above) is looking south to north - bones here too on the south end, left likely by Bigfoot. 

This is near the fire pit (above) in the one-man tent. The homeowner's wife left notes inside there for Haloti, the Bigfoot, to reply. 

A fire starter bag found on the chair near the fire pit. This was left by the Bigfoot.

This was off the property (above) in the Wildlife Management Area on the peninsula, not far away.  The trail road north of the main road and runs perpendicular with main road, found cedar break approximately 2 feet off the ground, pointing into the trail road. 

As they were coming into the trail road, on the right side there was a young cedar with a break approximately 4-5 feet off the ground, pointing left toward the trail road. 

On the right sidde of the trail road, a small young cedar twisted approximately 4-5 feet off the ground and pointing towards the trail road.

A fourth tree pointing in the same area (above). 

A fifth tree (above) found at the Y-turn in the road, another young cedar approximately 3-1/2 feet was broken off and pointing toward the trail road. 

Now on the south side of the road this time, an old cedar break approximately 5 feet off the ground pointing toward the west.

West of the creek and north of the treehouse on the property owner's property, we have some more things done by Bigfoot. Painted tires have been moved and stacked west of the creek. This includes the two limbs placed in the crook of a small tree, leaning with "Wilson" at the base.  T-shirts, red ribbon, limb, half coconut shell, and bed frame piece all inside the tires. Again, as usual, the red tires is at the bottom. 

In the main garden, behind the tractor barn, is a piece of red Play Dough. This was thought to be left by the Bigfoot. 

Dusty's written request to Haloti (above). 

Dusty's t-shirt returned with additional writing on it. "TT" in the center of the two figures was done by them. 

The back of the t-shirt with four additional markings. The bigfoot did the top right circle with lines through it, the "FUNE" (funny) the 4-pointed star and the crescent moon. 

May 14, 2004

A shirt Dusty put out that Bigfoot marked with the (double T symbol in the middle of the figures). It had been put in the shed in the "Dirty Acre." That is the area where the creek meanders and if you cross the creek, there is an old building that was abandoned.  Dusty had left a candy bar with it in the shed. This was found in the Dirty Acre. 

Between fire pit and the highway, Dusty put up a t-shirt (#2). 

This is #3 T-shirt and tied to a tree. This was south of T-shirt #2. This was put in a heavy foliage area toward the road. 

Dusty put in his formation (limb that holds dangling stuff). Sugar, salt, peanut butter, sardines, and a container of honey.

In the fire pit area, Dusty put up another t-shirt #4.  He put it up at his dangling formation area. He drew symbols on it. 

A researcher put up grape jelly near the fire pit. 

In the tractor barn, Dusty placed a t-shirt #5 with cliff dwelling markings and he left a flute out there too. 

The researcher's found one of the researcher's drawings of a Bigfoot that was left out 6 months ago and hadn't been seen since. It was laid out this day with one small tear in it on top of the sleeping bag.