Habituation Situation: Blatantly Curious Back and Forth

Every Monday on Ghost Hunting Theories I continue to archive what I consider to be one of the most significant habituation situations documented by researchers. As the series continues along, field notes, photos, audio and video will be revealed on a massive scale.

As the researchers worked to understand the entities they were dealing with, around every corner they found more and more startling evidence and interactions that changed their viewpoint on everything they thought they knew about mankind.

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February 14, 2004

The east part of the owner's property, there is near an interior fence on east side of the creek recently erected to divert cattle. This above is a left footprint measuring 16-1/2" long, 5" across the ball and 4" across the heel. The researchers saw this print on Friday but couldn't take picture at night so came back next day. 

As the researchers followed trail along the new fence line, they found this right footprint measuring 14-1/2" long, 4-1/2" across the ball and 3-1/2" across the heel. 

This print above is a left foot near the foot above measuring 14-1/2" length x 4-1/2" at ball of foot, and 3-1/2" at heel.

An area across from the property they called the "Dirty Acre." One researcher on previous  trip there left this (above). He left candy in the box. It was empty the next time the researcher visited it. 

In the cabin, the couch was covered with debris from outside - leaves, twigs, grass and some hair. 

Close-up shot of sofa (above).

The tractor barn (above). This was put together by the Bigfoot. The dummy that was in the truck in the field was placed here. This was in the northeast corner of the barn. A sleeping bag was rolled up lengthwise under to look like a body under a blanket. . 

In the far southeast corner of the property, if you look east from the tractor barn, this is what you see. The Bigfoot have moved the tires to this spot. 

Closeup of some of the tires (above). 

A closeup of the other tire you see standing (above). Approximately 25 feet from he two tires.

Looking from south to north in this picture (above). 

To the trail near the new fence where the footprints were found, trail leading to barn - a tree was laid across the trail. 

On the west side of the creek in the "Bigfoot Preserve" area they found a limb across two trees like a door formation. 

Deer feeder remain (above) were placed upside down by Bigfoot. 

Dusty (above) showing the snow/weather. 

In the tractor barn near the east entry, a left footprint measuring 16-1/2" long x 5-1/2" across the ball and 4" across the heel. 

The print (above) from a different angle. 

Property owner showing the box that had been outside for a long time, they put it in the tractor barn. The shells on the table were taken out of an old coat Dusty had placed them in and they were left on the box by the Bigfoot.  

Closeup of the shells (above). 

In the tractor barn. Dusty left foot with crossed twigs for a trade exchange. Had a game cam in the southeast corner to see what happened. 

In the "Bigfoot Preserve" on west side of creek, Dusty left a stick formation - food is in a plastic bag and a cross atop if meaning Dusty wanted a trade. Some rocks hanging from leather strings around it. Caught nothing on it.

In the southeast area of the woods near the tractor barn. Dusty put up 3 tires and a limb formation with a Y in it. 

Back at the cabin in the pasture, Dusty left food out for the taking. They had a game camera near the couch. Captured nothing.

Near the new fence line where the footprints were found, the team discovered a recent large cedar push-over.  You can see a post to the left - that's at the new fence line the property owner put up. 

Another cedar pushover pushed perhaps one third of the way - also near the new fence line area. 

Off the property, near Corp of Engineer park (above) the team found a teepee formation, east of what they referred to as the Tank Trail. 

Property owner at the peninsula wildlife management area near the lake.  They checked it now and then as it always had something going on there.

FEBRUARY 15, 2004

West of the creek in the "Bigfoot Preserve" area, Dusty's poles from his dismantled deer feeder were shaped like this by the Bigfoot. 

The dog (above) is one of the property owner's dogs. It liked to check out stuff with Dusty. He had a great nose for following scent. 

On the west side of the creek near the firepit - single man tent after snow had collapsed. 

Bigfoot related action - fresh limb twist between food bucket #6 and the fence north of the treehouse. 

West of the creek near food bucket #6. A small tree push over and broken just west of the above twist. 

The new fence line where the footprints were found along that trail. East of the creek from the cattle gate to the fence line of the "Dirty Acre." 

Looking from northeast to southwest. There is a red barn. There is the treehouse too. The property owner's home is in the distance. To the far right is a shed - the one where they kept their monitoring equipment. Behind the red barn is where the garden is in the springtime. Little shed to left of red barn is where the Bigfoot carried and hid the mirror facing the shed so they had trouble finding it. 

West of the creek, north of the treehouse along the fence line. Dusty set up new tire formation between treehouse and food bucket #6. He put out red ribbons and the "Wilson" ball too.