Habituation Situation: Open Written Communication in Two Languages

Every Monday on Ghost Hunting Theories I continue to archive what I consider to be one of the most significant habituation situations documented by researchers. As the series continues along, field notes, photos, audio and video will be revealed on a massive scale.

As the researchers worked to understand the entities they were dealing with, around every corner they found more and more startling evidence and interactions that changed their viewpoint on everything they thought they knew about mankind.

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NOVEMBER 9, 2003

Hay in an iron ring in the pasture area east of the creek. This has not been used by cattle, they will not eat off of it. Possible resting place for Bigfoots' young ones. 

Inside tractor barn. Jacket hanging on 2x4, left by Bigfoot. The pocket is inside out as Dusty had found the shells inside of it and put them on the ledge.

On the west side of the creek, Dusty left some offerings of foods an shells. Tobacco leaves were left by Bigfoot atop of the salt container. 

Thunderbird medicine wheel (bird formed by Bigfoot). The Bigfoot had added a large rock in the tail. 

The west side of the creek, the ice chest with food. Bigfoot left "thank you" rocks.

T-formation at this tree near the clearing A small limb leaning against the tree with another small limb in the crook of the tree. This is forming a cross shape.

North of the creek, off of the property owner's property. A book, blanket, and empty can of corn. This was found in the shack on the area they call the "dirty acre." This was removed form the camo blind by the Bigfoot. 

JANUARY 2, 2004

Medicine wheel in the clearing area south of the fire pit and the blind created by property owners. The Bigfoot expanded on it, made it wider. 

Closer photo showing the center of the wheel with bones added by Bigfoot. 

Old log between two trees with the bones hung was recently broken. The log was broken. Dusty took the bones and hung them on this tree near the firepit. 

Dusty's oldformation with bricks on the ground. The parallel limb broke off and Dusty hung the turtle shell and rock. A toy hammer and a decoration with writing were added by Bigfoot. 

Dusty left a picture and greeting inside the one-man tent. The picture was Dusty picking up the sea shells at the beach. 

This was the back side of Dusty's greeting. Dusty put a picture of himself outdoors on it.  Inside the tent, the Bigfoot used the marker and wrote in Ogham (left). The Bigfoot wrote his name out in English (red below) in a crude but close spelling.

Topo map - the Bigfoot used the marker and drew crosses and then a circle cross. 

Bigfoot named Haloti drew this picture above of the property owner's wife and her name. 

Researchers were there recently and so the property owner's wife drew a drawing of their vehicle and warning the Bigfoot to be careful. The owner drew the X too. Looked like the Bigfoot dipped a finger in liquid and drew over top of the X. 

Bigfoot drew an eye-like shape and Ogham. ioq(k)oq(k)e

Another drawing left for them. 

Message for property owner's wife.

Property owner's wife left message for Haloti and Haloti responded with Ogham with her own name, Haloti.  

Property owner's wife wrote she missed Haloti. Haloti responded with "Good." 

Pic taken by owner and researcher - this "Bigfoot scarecrow" was found near the far end of the Wildlife Management Area. 

This chalkboard was written on by a researcher. He put the heart, "good" and his name. The Bigfoot put Ogham and the researcher's name and a "keyhole?" 

Property owner's wife wrote in Ogham.
The Bigfoot responded with the circle with four paddles, quarter moon, start, and the property owner's wife's name, and a leaf/flower design. 

Haloti drew this entire page with the marker. 

Property owner's writing that her daughter was getting married and Haloti wrote "good fish" and a face and lines to the right. 

Haloti responded with writing and drawing. 

The property owner's wife left a picture of herself and thanks for rocks they left. The Bigfoot drew the circle with cross. The bigfoot had left her small rocks and one day she thought in her head "I want a big rock" and so they amazingly brought her one. 

Property owner's wife put up photo of the "Bigfoot Scarecrow" that was found and asked what it was. The Bigfoot's response was the drawing above the photo. 

Property owner's wife left a message of Happy Merry Christmas to Haloti and Andan (Bigfoots). They responded with cross and stars.