Habituation Situation: Research Ends

Mondays on Ghost Hunting Theories I continue to archive what I consider to be one of the most significant habituation situations documented by researchers. As the series continues along, field notes, photos, audio and video will be revealed on a massive scale.

As the researchers worked to understand the entities they were dealing with, around every corner they found more and more startling evidence and interactions that changed their viewpoint on everything they thought they knew about mankind.


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June 11, 2004

Metal bed frame, ribbons and coconut shell moved by the Bigfoot to past the fence near the garden and creek. 

Bread bag left in the creek by food bucket #1. This was torn open, assumed by Bigfoot. 

A setup made by researchers at frisbee feeder - peanut butter and two bananas. 

Food bucket #1 is filled with peanut bag, shucks of corns, bananas, apples and Snickers. 

The coffee can feeder with jar of red plum jelly and a Snickers bar. 

Bigfoot got into the owner's wife's cooler where she left them food. Food and drink in the jar were eaten and drank. They left a rock in there as a gift.

Dusty left gifts, apple juice, sugar, salt, grape jelly, sardines, peanut butter, honey.

At the table near the fire pit Dusty left a Snickers bar on top of the tub. 

Questions written by the property owner's wife in a tablet, pens left for back and forth with Haloti - the Bigfoot. The replies in blue writing are rather amazing. This particular Bigfoot referred to herself as a hybrid of sorts with a human grandmother. 

The tires had been stacked up by Dusty and now they had been moved around west of the creek not far from the fire pit. 

The blue and green tires had been moved here by the Bigfoot. These had all been left last time in a big stack.

The yellow and red tires are stacked now by the Bigfoot near the creek. 

The deer feeder had been moved too from that one big stack the researchers had made. 

Jar had some kind of dried plant matter left by the Bigfoot. This was to be made into a tea before the researchers camped out in the woods that night. Dream tea intended for dream walking, apparently.

Dusty put the tee #1 up through a limb near the stable and the fire pit. 

#2 shirt Dusty put up across the path from #1 near the fire pit.

In the tractor barn, Dusty left this tee up (above). There is now mud on it that appears to be writing, apparently by Andan, the leader of the clan. NDN is how the Bigfoot referred to it. They utilized Ogham and omitted vowels in their writing. He also made a 4-pointed star, a shape they often left. 

In the tractor barn in the corner was hay with a sleeping bag and the Bigfoot tall picture they had left is turned body facing down. Assumed done by the Bigfoot.

Dusty's t-shirt had been moved from fence line and put inside tires with sticks. The fence post had been removed.

A new setup by  researchers in clearing northwest-southeast. There were 12 tires plus t-shirts with poles and limbs. All the tires on the property have now been brought here. This is southeast of the fire pit. 

Same setup but looking east to west - above. Looking from creek area. 

Across the fence on the neighbor's property were food wrappers. This is the south side of the property. 

More food wrappers just south of the other wrappers on the neighbor's property. 

June 12, 2004

Little jar of honey has been taken from Dusty's offering. The Bigfoot left a rock and two shells.  Most of the rocks did not appear to be local rocks but ones from somewhere like Arkansas area. 

Jar with lid approximately 5 feet west of the gifting formation. 

The Bigfoot have moved the tires this morning and the two posts on the ground. This is looking west to east. (above)

The same as the prior photo, except looking to the west. 

Food from food bucket #1 scattered on the ground. Some of the peanuts had been eaten and there was a bite on one of the bananas. This could have been done by the critters in the forest, but these round buckets were hard to get into and some had lids so food wouldn't fall out. 

Corn cob on the ground, partially eating by bucket #1.

A second corn cob in the creek behind food bucket #1.

A bread wrapper with the bread all gone found across the creek behind the food bucket. 

Food bucket #2 food and the half lid that Dusty put on the bucket was on the ground. The bread wrapper was open, a jar of apple butter, bananas and corn cobs. Snickers bar was missing.

A new setup with the tires, t-shirts, upside down deer feeder, and all the posts. 

Near those tires, Dusty made a tee-pee post shape setup with blue tire on top and green tire underneath and a t-shirt.

Dusty added some limbs on top of that formation and red ribbons. 

In the afternoon, Dusty added bed frames and coconut half shell to the formation with posts. 

Partially eaten corn from feeder bucket #1, underneath the bucket. 

A peanut bag at the bottom of the creek behind the feeder, eaten after the last photo with the Snickers in the bucket gone from bucket #1.

At the little formation Dusty made, the salt has been taken from the gift formation. The sardine can has been disturbed. This was done while Dusty and the owner were at the house. 

June 13, 2004

At dawn at food bucket #3 there is a red wrapper and two ears of corn, two bananas, apple butter, apple and the lid on the ground with bread and corn eaten.

Frisbee feeder at dawn. The peanut butter and Snickers had been taken, but the bananas were left there.

Apple and banana on the ground beneath feeder #1.

An ear of corn partially eaten down the creek, taken from food bucket #1.

The container of salt with top torn open was found in the little water flow branch behind the fire pit.

Dusty's written communciation to Haloti the Bigfoot Medicine woman who referred to him as Bude. Apparently Andan came before the researchers left and Andan left his mark on the second page NDN. 

This will be the end of the research notes, photos, videos, and more. Many of the videos can be found on the MK Davis YouTube channel.  Be sure to check out his blog, The Davis Report. MK Davis was very instrumental in reviewing all the evidence the team allowed him to examine. 

I would like to personally thank these devoted curious minds who in the very early 2000s had an ongoing habituation site for years, developing a back and forth and communication that was unheard of before. There are many variations of Bigfoot, like there are humans. 

If you compared someone raised in New York compared to someone raised in the Amazon, they may seem vastly different in their language, knowledge of technology and the like. 

These Bigfoot were apparently part of a hybridized clan that understands languages from Oogham to some words in Spanish, English, and even at times what sounds like Cajun speak, some Algonquin and other native dialects and some words we have never heard before.

They were certainly capable of imitating formations and expanding on concepts, as well as imitating sounds of animals and humans both with meticulous skill. 

There will be one more post in this series with "Dusty" reviewing his thoughts on the research, as well as videos from the site.