Skinwalker Ranch Secret: What's Under the Ground?

Dennis Guern and I are at it again, asking the questions others are asking like, "what the heck is in the ground at Skinwalker Ranch?" 

If you watched the first season of "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on the most excellent History Channel, you are likely as hooked as we researchers are. 

Today, we are going to discuss what might be under the ground. 

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A great deal of Dennis Guern's and my research is focused on ancient giant culture. The first thing we did when considering what's underground in the Skinwalker Ranch is took at the megalithic-sized stones on the mesa. We compared some Google Earth to see if anything had moved. The reason behind this is the running of frequencies up and down the spectrum could cause a resonance that might move stone. 

We see no evidence of that.

In some interesting speculation over the decades, it is said that possibly aliens left underground domes that allowed them to protect the earth by shooting down anything that threatens life here. Might they have left something underground at Skinwalker Ranch? 

Another possibility is how long an entity had been in this area. The Uinta Basin was once filled with water eons ago. Did a ship remain submerged (USO - unidentified submersible object) under the water and over time and drying, it became covered in earth like any other artifact? 

In our previous post about thorium, is it possible that underground radioactive rare earth elements are causing sickness and strange reactions on the ranch. Even cattle mutilations could be stalking attacks by wild dogs who are reacting to this energy. However, the UFO sightings, as they have been done in a group, are actually there in the sky and not something imagined. That makes this possibility perhaps a factor in a cluster of different things going on that seem related but are only incidental.

What is intriguing is the notion that if a sophisticated race of beings was hiding something in the ground there, it would have behooved them to make the land toxic to grow or graze or live upon so that humans would leave it alone. Instead, a river weaves through for great irrigation and protection from the Uinta Basin walls makes it an attractive place to ranch. 

So, is something trying to keep them from digging? 

It seems that if they wanted no digging, they would discourage establishment on the land and they also would have barriers of protection from being tapped. 

With oil fields just a few miles away and horizontal drilling, we think looking into the drilling specifics might be helpful to see if anyone had fracked in that area and if they had issues. Interviewing the local oil interests would be a good start. 

Should the issues on the ranch be under the manipulation of something underground, Dennis and I believe we are left with five obvious possibilities to explain its origins and we will do so in descending order from least likely (5) to most likely (1)- 

5.  It's imagined.  Of course, when we have a host of phenomena people are getting excited about, it is often swept under the rug with a blanket, "it's all in their minds" or "it's a hoax" explanations. If this were an imagined event, then we are being guided by some masters as during the TV series, we have seen UFOs and the readings on the instruments, and other oddities that defy the "imagined" explanation. It is possible that the UFOs were something explainable and because of the location, the team got excited. After all, when people enter a reportedly haunted home, every sound is a ghost. But, it would take quite a mass hysteria to explain some of the physical reactions like the radiation exposure. Sure, in a haunted site, someone might spontaneously get scratched, but we still don't know the origins of those scratches, whether it's self-created by thought or an external force. In the case of radiation, it is measurable. 

So far, the documentation makes this the last place for explanations. 

4.  It's something created and managed by a government entity.  Although the government is often a catch-all explanation, they would have access to this area and perhaps reasoning if they were storing something or studying some phenomena. The only problem is, NIDS (Bigelow the previous owner's research team supported by the government) was willing to let the place be sold to another entity (Fugal) and are "allowing" research without imminent domain. Unless the government wants a civilian to uncover this and present it to the public because they aren't so popular with many for all their secrets, this seems a very unlikely explanation.

Because the government is unlikely to allow the public involved in secret studies, this is our second-to-the-last possibility. 

3. It's something natural. This area is surrounded by oil wells, the majority of which are likely fracked. Given the obvious geology of broken stone in the mesa, it doesn't take much to disrupt it and create shifts. Could it be releasing radon or a resonance that communicates underground? 

Because this can only explain a few aspects of the phenomena, we consider this the third to the last possibility. 

2.  It's something ancient giant made. This can include us or them (something alien to us). We've pondered before if it's possible for an ancient giant civilization to have taken to the underground and remained. Utah is perhaps the most notorious state for the giant culture underground. That isn't so much alien as it is not-yet-proven possible civilization of earth (or Annunaki or Nephilim depending on if you believe giants are aliens or hybrids of fallen angels and humans). The giants could still be there, or the left long ago but that left their operating systems turned on. 

We put this as the second most likely source as the craft caught in the sky make it seem less likely to be giant-sourced, especially since ancient mounds and other sites of giants don't seem to offer more than usual UFO activity. 

1.  It's something alien made. Visitors from other planets or other parallel worlds could be performing experiments, mining, utilizing us for observations of a primitive species. The possibilities are endless. These could be the ones who manipulated our DNA to create the humans we know today or they could be just running a study on how we survive and why.

We put this as most likely because a host of activity between underground and in the sky points toward manipulation by forces with more insight and technology, either utilizing the earth's properties to propel and navigate, or being attracted to them for their worth. 

In conclusion, Dennis and I enjoy the intellectual puzzle that is Skinwalker Ranch and wait breathlessly for more information and data to come from the site. 

Thanks History Channel and Brandon Fugal for giving humanity amazing entertainment that stimulates the brain and the American Spirit to tap new horizons and learn more about our universe.


  1. It's a very intriguing place and I'm so happy that you are sharing. Thank you. I also am eager to hear more about the mysteries of Skinwalker Ranch.

    1. It is real, interdimensional phenomena. .

  2. As for the mystery of the mesa don’t count out the final scene of the Indians Jones movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

    1. i think they are using a DEEPROCK Hydra drill a portable waterwell drilling rig to drill at this spot this DEEPROCK Waterwell Drilling rig is a great rig that will be back packed to a location there

    2. DEEPROCK Mfg in Marquez tx has the Drilling rig they are using wow awesome!!!


  3. My most likely hypothesis - Govt. is developing some really interesting new secret technologies and is working covertly with the TV show et. al. so they can test their new toys, get the results well recorded and observed without appearing to be involved. Genius! If you can't hide it secretly, then hide it in plain view! For instance, Aliens, and a TV show investigating aliens is a great cover story for tests of cloaking technology that isn't perfected yet, whose failures happen in plain view and can't be hidden from surrounding observers. Explains the govt. previous occupation (get the place ready for tests), as well as the heavy involvement of the well placed govt. consultant, the always interesting and highly knowledgeable Mr. Travis Taylor. Anyway, very entertaining, lots of cool testing science on display.


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