Friday, April 24, 2020

Skinwalker Ranch's Secret: Thorium?

Researcher Dennis Guern and I were revewing what's going on at Skinwalker Ranch. We have already been delving into Utah's geology a good bit because of our Ancient Giant research. And, the series, "Secret of Skinwalker Ranch," on History Channel really sparked our interest anew. 

Found this online - 

Imagine generating nuclear power that can’t be turned into weapons, doesn’t pose a risk of meltdown or radiation release nor produce high-level radioactive waste that could contaminate the environment for millennia. And to sweeten the deal, medical isotopes could be harvested from a process.

Such technology, using thorium instead of uranium as a core fuel, is proven to some extent and Utah is well-positioned to lead the nation in developing what could be a world-changing energy source, according to experts and entrepreneurs who testified recently before the Utah Legislature.

We would make a strong bet that Brandon Fugal bought the property with DEEP RIGHTS....

We continue to probe possibilities. The phenomenon on the ranch? Perhaps not so unusual given some of the effects of EMF on human brains and animals. 

Expect Dennis and I to continue to come up with more and more hypotheses as the series continues on History Channel. 

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