Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Skinwalker Ranch Secret: Our Speculation Summarized

Well, it's that sad time when the awesome History Channel tv series "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch," comes to an end. 

During the series, Dennis Guern and I have gone over possible explanations for the phenomena and today we are going to reveal where we each stand on hypotheses. 

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Sharon:  I admit, I've had a fascination with the Skinwalker Ranch ever since the book Hunt For the Skinwalker came out. 

Locations with a plethora of phenomena we often refer to as portals or vortexes. There are many areas reported around the world but this particular one seems to remain not only active, but measurable.

Are these things related to one another as a host of phenonema that needs the energy produced in this location or perhaps even is the source of the energy in this location OR are all these phenomena unrelated but perhaps attracted to the location for its qualities? 

Is it an energy source to make things happen? Or is it a beacon of energy that attracts curious phenomena to it? 

We find it to a lesser degree in the forests where Bigfoot is seen, UFOs are reported, voices in the forest, and strange lantern-like lights that move about. Is this ranch just a more powerful scale of strange cryptids, UFOs, lights, and oddities found around the world? 

They noted the cows reacting when there was a UFO sighted and I'd rather like to know if they can correlate their across the spectrum frequency storms to human harm and cryptid animal sightings and such things as the alpaca attack occurring during such stimulation across the frequencies. Are UFOs sighted during such times? If there is sporadic racing of the frequencies during times of oddities on the ranch, can we assume that a portal is opening and closing, allowing such other-world entities to show themselves, to be there and then vanish. 

And, if this were a portal situation, what would occur if they did something to interfere with that process between earth and sky? Perhaps placing of iron equipment in the field or tethering balloons with powerful magnets in the air? (Get creative guys!

Originally, I assumed there were some rare earth elements there, such as one found not far away in the past several decades, but that doesn't account for the odd happenings, just possibly radioactive readings and those should be stable and not sporadic. 

As we move to the end of the first season, I'm almost inclined to travel into a more extraordinary explanation like a portal doorway.

Should they do another season, I'd like to see a geologist on-board and better video monitoring of the location.

Dennis:  I'm baffled why they don't have a geologist on site. Why haven't they had someone on hand to explain why they can't drill through to the domes beneath the land? I'll be curious to see if they go back to the drilling attempts and I guess we won't know until next season.

Meters and instruments, cameras and all should be on around the hot spots to see if there are frequencies being put out simultaneously while something is being attacked or a UFO is seen. The cows should be monitored so they can look on the computer screen and see if any of them are missing or where they are located. 

Everything on the ranch should be accounted for.

There is something strangely parallel about the saucer-shape under the ground and the readings from inside the cave hole and the readings at a mile up and the sighting of saucers there. This parallel makes me think more about the portal explanation. To further their exploration on the ranch, I'd like to see a focus on video documentation and digging. 

If we have another season of the show, I would suggest much better video monitoring and sensors everywhere. 


We would like to thank History Channel for once again giving us a home-run. 

We highly recommend one of our favorite books - 
The Hunt for the Skinwalker. You won't read it just once! 
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