Skinwalker Ranch Secret: The Light Aura

On the final episode of "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch," Travis (astrophysicist) talked about the UFOs and the halo around them that was similar to the tic-tac video released by the Navy. 

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Travis interpreted that something atmospherically around the light was causing this pattern showing a variation in temperature or energy from propulsion system possibly.

Dennis Guern and I had, in studying the strange lights that show up on South Mountain (Phoenix) over the past year-plus, found an odd halo around the lights. They show up on the mountain. At first, we assumed they might be hikers or bikers with lights, but the lights stay remain in position and go on and off and have an odd quality.

The park from our perspective on the southeast side is completely preserve, no roads, no development. In fact, the park is the largest municipal park in America. 

I took the camera and photographed distant street lights, car headlights, house lights, airplanes. I could not get a halo on them.

We continue to study and document the lights.

It is interesting to note that the infamous Phoenix Lights were filmed atop this mountain. I saw them with a friend the following November 1, 1997. We pulled the car over to watch it go by overhead. It was completely silent, with lights on the edges of what looked to be a triangular shape.

The EMF meters go off here in the oddest places. Dennis has tested the yard and the neighbors and the street and gotten baseline, but 

this house in particular feels to be in a path of weirdness coming off the mountain area 2 blocks away.

Here's just some of what we've gotten -

Below is a video I put together of some video and still shots. The time the light seemed to spit out little balls of blue light was quite exceptional. It was an amazing thing to watch and almost awe-inspiring.