Friday, June 5, 2020

Skinwalker Ranch Secret: Cattle Mutilation

The season-ender for "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel was quite the thrill.

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One thing that Dennis Guern and I talked about was the possibility that the cow would have been mutilated, had they not interrupted the process.

Why would they mutilate a dead cow?

Most people assume that in cattle mutilations the cow is culled from the herd and killed to mutilate it.

My theory has been that because of the parts of the cow extracted, the government was studying free range cows in the Southwest specifically to see the variety of anthrax they ingest, to better understand how the cows stay alive ingesting it, as well as to see the bio-warfare potential of having access to an anthrax strain not utilized anywhere else in the world. (LINK to that post)

In cattle mutilations an ear, eye, tongue, lymph, genitals and rectum are usually removed.

In the case of say, an "alien/other dimensional/time traveling/whatever" that is trying to open a portal to make entry here, knowing that it has resulted in biological damage to the occupants of earth, studying a dead cow in a field might be important to understanding how to negate harm so that they can use their technology to enter this realm, but also to be able to do so without killing those they don't intend to kill.

It's a bit like using a monkey to study effects on humans as our scientists do in labs.

We would suggest the researchers at Skinwalker Ranch consider studying the Cash-Landrum case where occupants of a car were exposed to radiation during a UFO contact. These were documented in hospital records.

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