Update On My Cattle Mutilation Theory

Recently, I posted this theory about cattle mutilations -

I heard reports recently about cattle mutilations in the Southwest. Cattle found with their tongues missing, glands, anus. Surgical incisions in the face. It made me wonder. Then, I was told there were silent helicopters over the area. This has vexed me for some time; why would the military steal cows and do surgery on them? They could go buy cattle at a farm in Virginia.

Nope, they want cattle from the Southwest.

The missing body parts are what clued me in. They are regions that would store something endemic to the soil.


Recent mutilations made me realize, the surgical cutting of the face, removal of tongue, rectum and glands--very specific regions. That's where anthrax stores in their body's tissues when they eat enormous amounts of grass daily, storing the anthrax in these parts of the body. Cattle doesn't succumb to exposure, but some get carbuncle sores and some get ill. But, their resilience to a huge diet that introduces lots of anthrax as they kick up the dusts, eat the grasses, is of interest, as is the high concentrations of anthrax (for immunity and for potential weaponry).

Some ranchers mentioned surgical masks and phosphorus in the area. My guess is - used to protect themselves to remove those areas and to be able to use a scope to see which cattle have the most anthrax in those regions or carbuncles. 

Why Southwestern Cattle? Military doesn't want Eastern cattle hay fed and exposed to eastern anthrax. The Southwest cattle is range fed on grasses and digesting anthrax that is specific to the Southwest and not anywhere else in the world, like valley fever illness in the Southwest that can make people not from the region, quite sick because it's such a foreign fungus. 

The military can utilize it on other countries that would have never seen this form, but our military would because the cattle's glands show them how they protect against it from cow immunities. 

The military could just buy some cows in an auction in Virginia or something, but they are specifically targeting cows that have a diet in the anthrax ridden soils of Southwest that would be different than domestic hay fed cattle in the east. They need ones absorbing that ground toxin and living in spite of it, having resistance.

What a weapon! 

Getting the anthrax from a concentration in the glands of a resistant animal is perfect. The cows are doing the work for them. They just have to sweep in on silent helicopters and surgically excise these parts after checking for carbuncles (signs of anthrax).

This theory is unusual, but if you hold up mutilation stories and this theory, it makes much more sense than UFOs, though the military might like us to think that. 


Ironically, a few weeks later, I was on my stock board reading an article someone posted having to do with our company we were invested in (Inovio). When I read it, I realized that my life was filled with not so coincidental things - here's the article and it does seem to reinforce for me this theory: 

Since she was a young girl, Connie Schmaljohn knew she wanted a career that involved saving lives. 

More than 30 years ago, she started down the professional path toward achieving that dream by becoming an Army research scientist and working on vaccines to prevent diseases not typically found in this country, but which afflict members of the military overseas.
Schmaljohn, now an internationally recognized expert on Hantaviruses and hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, uses molecular biology tools to develop and test vaccines for a range of viruses. She and the scientists in her lab use recombinant DNA, a form of artificial DNA, to take the genes out of potentially deadly viruses so they are no longer infectious.

“We like to call them next-gen vaccines,” said Schmaljohn, a senior research scientist for the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) in Frederick, Md.
Research scientists at USAMRIID were among the first to use these DNA vaccines. “We’re always in the forefront of what the technological state of the art is and then we push it further,” Schmaljohn said.

Schmaljohn’s expertise enabled her and her colleagues to identify what was going on when the number of cases of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) exploded in the southwestern part of United States in the 1990s. Previously, the severe, sometimes fatal, respiratory illness due to Hantavirus infections was not known to cause disease in the Western hemisphere, and Hantaviruses had only been associated with kidney failure diseases in Asia and Europe.
But then HPS started felling people here.
Because of the groundwork she had done, she was able to identify the outbreak in the Four Corners as Hantavirus,” said Jean Patterson, chairman of Virology and Immunology at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio, referring to a region comprising parts of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. “It was the first time it was identified in America.”
Historically, USAMRIID has blazed medical trails, since the military serves all over the world and comes into contact with viruses not found in the United States and therefore aren’t widely studied here, said Colleen Jonsson, director of the Center for Predictive Medicine for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases at the University of Louisville.
“They were the frontline for exotic pathogens predominantly because soldiers serve in many, many countries,” she said. After 9/11, the National Institutes of Health also started sponsoring research to study these agents, she added.
Schmaljohn’s work on dangerous pathogens may be aimed at protecting military personnel, but the benefits spill over into the civilian population, as the Hantavirus outbreak demonstrated.
Her lab works on two types of vaccines: those that protect against medical infectious diseases and those that defend against agents that could be used as weapons in biological warfare.
Researchers at USAMRIID were the first to start testing DNA vaccines for biodefense, using a method of delivering DNA vaccines with a short electrical burst. The first study of this electroporation method dispensed a vaccine to muscle in a clinical study at Walter Reed Army Medical Center with two vaccines for Hantaviruses.
The next study will deliver the vaccine to the skin instead of muscle, a less invasive, less painful method. Schmaljohn hopes the immune response will be even better.

FYI: I'm invested in this company (INO) that is doing the most innovative things in vaccines from HIV to cancer treatment, exotic diseases and universal flu vaccine. In the process of due diligence, we run into things sometimes that shock and amaze. This just verified for me the validity of my theory.

Serendipity:  Stumbling into information one did not intend to go out and seek but is fortuitous. That is my life - serendipity. One night, I went to bed, asking myself to wake up with a stock in mind to buy the next day. I woke up with INO in my head. I had traded it in the past, but didn't spend a lot of time on studying it presently. I looked it up again and found it had gone through trials and was getting some attention. I bought it cheap. Right away, news kept coming out about it and it was getting the spotlight. It also led me to this bit of information in my due diligence to verify a theory in the para-world. There are no coincidences. 


  1. Interesting theory, but it does have its holes. First off, Eastern cattle graze on the environment more than SW cattle—especially cattle found in arid regions of the SW. SW cattle are routinely fed hay daily in the winter. And, speaking of winter, what about mute cases that occur in the winter? The cattle are being fed hay and have little to graze upon. Also, what about mutes that don't feature exposed mandibles and missing tongues? Or cases in more tropical regions where there is no anthrax to speak of? I think you may be on to something, but this explanation (like all potential explanation) does not and cannot explain ALL cases. There appears to be multiple groups w/ multiple agendas at covertly at work in the worlds pastures.

    1. Thank you for that intelligent and informed response. Of course, cattle mutilations are much like UFO sightings. Not everything in the sky is something alien to our world. Not every cattle mutilation has the same explanation. Many of them are by natural means or even rather evil intention. I am not a proponent of alien's messing with cattle. I won't even go down that avenue as it has even more holes in it, such as why a civilization that can come here would leave a carcass behind when they could take care of remains so as to leave no evidence. It seems apparent to me that our own research might have a part in some mutilation cases, whereas others are explainable. As someone who worked in the medical field, the parts that are reportedly missing would indicate someone wanting to check stores of something from the environment in their glands. This would lead me to suspect anthrax, as it is a common encounter in SW soil. It is possible that 99% of UFOs near Area 51 are our own vehicles and perhaps a high percentage of cattle mutilations are explainable but most of us are more interested in that 1%.

  2. Nice theory, with some merit, but although we refer to 'cattle mutilations', the incidents actually include all sorts of creatures, from rats and domestic cats and dogs and horses, through wild animals like foxes, marine mammals and yes, unfortunately even humans. It is also a worldwide phenomenon covering the U.K. as well as the US. If it was research into anthrax it would be a lot less disturbing than it seems to be.

  3. I would have to agree with Simon. I think this phenomenon involves too many different types of animals to be perpetrated only by US military. Furthermore, it appears to be worldwide and perhaps even historical in nature.


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