Friday, June 12, 2020

Skinwalker Ranch Secret: Communicating With An Intelligence

In our series talking about "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" show on History Channel, Dennis Guern and I have covered many possibilities. We both lean toward a portal of a sort - whether it activates phenomena or actually creates a doorway for other beings, it's a pretty world-view changing possibility.

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Today, we will discuss concepts for how to communicate to an intelligence that does not share our common language.

Dennis hits us up with the possibility that they already are well aware of and monitoring our language and our airwaves. This is quite a possibility. If any beings are transporting between their world and this one, they likely have studied up ahead of time or gathered samples of our recordings to take back and have their specialists decipher.  Is there a Rosetta Stone program on Vega? 

Another possibility Dennis suggests is that they put out a projector and screen, replaying the UFO videos so that they can be seen. It would be kind of a "we saw you" message. If that is too complicated for the area, considering a billboard with a photo of it laid on the ground would be another possibility. 

I've been contemplating the range of frequencies up and down the Hertz levels and the possibility that whatever they do that activates these frequencies could be a method by which to communicate. What if there was a pattern we inserted into each frequency and shot it right back for them to note on their own instrumentation? The same pattern in every range would defy the odds and draw their attention.

As Travis and the team mentioned shooting off more rockets or bigger rockets to test if the UFO sightings were incidental timing or in reaction to the probing of the sky, this is a great idea. It may not necessarily mean actual messages are sent, but more or less that there is recognition of each others presence. Sometimes, this is all it takes to start a conversation. 

Imagine a bar room scenario with a man making eye contact with a woman, waving and her waving back. They recognized their attention is on each other and now they seek to start a conversation.

As Dennis and I pondered the possibility that cattle mutilation might be postmortem studies by the entities to understand why the energy they produce making their transition causes harm to biologic forms on our planet. It seems these "alien beings" studying cows out in fields where they are more likely to be exposed to the energy would be a prudent thing. Instead of mutilations being something sinister, it could possibly be for our own good. 

If meters being utilized to gauge gamma rays, microwave frequencies and the like could be hooked to large signs like utilized on freeways to warn drivers up road work, aimed facing upward, to show the results of the measurements to anyone viewing from above, it might be a sign that we also understand the ramifications of the energy they are putting out and its potential harm.

Universally, Dennis and I have found one symbol that seems to be utilized around the world by ancient cultures and to most is rather straightforward. Underneath the point of convergence in the sky 5500 feet above the ranch, they might consider painting a giant bull's eye - a dot within a circle. It would be a way to show that the people on the ranch are aware of the spot of focus.

The bigger question they will have to answer is whether or not they are prepared to represent Planet Earth in a possible first above-board communication. Would the United States government allow? Would the UN allow? Who gets to talk for us? 

For now, we hope to see the team add a monitoring satellite, self-monitoring of their health risks, a geological survey, a serious core sample, and possibly adding a geologist to the team and a communications expert. It's beginning to feel a bit like "Arrival." 

We are hanging on breathlessly for another season and do believe that the government would let them do the study, let them get the credit, and publically make a deal about stepping in to take over, thank-you-very-much.

Dennis and I both believe there are other locations around the world showing evidence of similar "portals" and we hope to cover them on Ghost Hunting Theories in coming months. 

Not far from Skinwalker Ranch is a place called San Luis Valley with a host of similar phenomena. 


  1. I'm excited to see and hear more!

  2. Just like it seemed to me that the filming of Blind Frog Ranch was cut-off short in viewing on TV, as I interpreted it, watch when the filming of SkinWalker Ranch gets too close to uncover what Bigelow/NIDS found out and is sworn to secrecy, as per the government.

    1. Very astute! I see that Blind Frog Ranch is up for sale. Will Fugal cave in too? I think not. There's something about him that is quite certain of what they are dealing with. Let's imagine this - if there is a portal there, what would it mean if you are the only person in the world who owns the portal? I supposed the govt could have imminent domain, but what if Fugal finds the key and they need him to open it? Rather Stargate, huh?