Skinwalker Ranch Secret: New Evidence of Portal Between Universes?

Anyone following the Skinwalker Ranch Secret series here on Ghost Hunting Theories knows Dennis Guern and I are working hard to bring info as we get it in the bank of evidence accummulating for high strangeness at Skinwalker Ranch. 

The History Channel awesome series "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" has been a great intellectual exercise for the public. We need more shows about that and less about the Kardashians' investment in botox. 

We thank History Channel for bringing the very best mindful and exciting programming possible!

In a previous post, we studied the possibility of Skinwalker Ranch as a portal between universes/dimensions. 

New evidence is starting to line up with some of the findings on the ranch, particularly the source of gamma rays being about a mile above the property and not sourcing from the ground.

In fact, NASA has evidence of a potential parallel universe in which times goes backwards and it works something like this - 

LINK:  Low-energy particles have the ability to pass through Earth without any interaction, but higher-energy particles are stopped by the solid matter of Earth, the report stated.

High-energy particles are only detected if they are coming “down” from Earth, but NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna detected the particles traveling “up.”

The findings suggest that the particles were traveling backward in time from a parallel universe....

As exciting as this is in news articles, it comes down to the science. And peer review. And theoretical work. So, we can take this with a grain of salt knowing that there were some unusual findings, but the conclusions are subjective when you're dancing around in theoretical territory.

So, let's look at more info - 

LINK: ...Studies conducted in Antarctica of cosmic rays (high energy charged particles) arriving from outside Earth’s atmosphere (created puzzling results)...

What did the ANITA (Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna) find?

In 2016, ANITA detected some signals best described as “anomalous”; evidence of a high-energy particle—extremely high-energy neutrinos—coming up from the Earth’s surface, but no source. That “seemed impossible,” according to the New Scientist article, which went on to state that:

“Explaining this signal requires the existence of a topsy-turvy universe created in the same big bang as our own and existing in parallel with it. In this mirror world, positive is negative, left is right and time runs backwards.”

Perhaps a universe made of antimatter rather than matter.

Until there is concensus on where these high-energy particles come from, there is spectulation and any answer could be right. 

What do we know about the ranch? It's showing evidence of some forces of nature (something within the realm of explanable science) or unnatural (something as of yet not known by science or something orchestrated by an outside source with intelligence). 

We do know the ranch's readings are intermittent, something appears to eminate from the ranch or above the ranch, a connection between land and sky as of yet not understood. The off-the-charts reads on their Trifield meters could be a residual excitation across a wide spectrum of frequencies that occurs as a result of opening or closing a portal. 

Of course, there we go again into theoretical and spectulative conclusions. 

As we anticipate the season finale, Dennis and I plan to share our thoughts after our research and what we believe might be going on in the Uinta Basin. 

One thing we have noted that is unusual is that Bigelow, when he owned the ranch, started a team of scientists, NIDS (National Institute of Discovery Science) and even with supposed federal government involvement/funding in the organization, Bigelow sold the ranch to Brandon Fugal and the government didn't stop him. So, whatever was found there, they didn't deem it critical to security.

But.... we both observe that if there was an alien explanation for the phenomena in this location, the government coming out with that information would make the public angry. "Hey, you knew about it since Roswell and now you're finally admitting it!" Versus a private citizen uncovering it and the government saying, "oh my, John Q Public found something cool we need to investigate," versus "we've been studying it secretly for decades." 

In fact, the public would likely accept a "reveal" if allowed by a publicly known private citizen. 

In general, citizens always assume the government is hiding things "for our own good," but a citizen can go on a cable channel and reveal this to the world and be a hero. 

Or course, the government had better not treat this like Smithsonian treats ancient giant finds. If they say, "we'll take over from here," the public will become angry. 

Who owns this intellectual property? (the right answer is - humanity) 

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  1. This show should continue for out inquiring minds. Please bring it back with no finale! Ever! There's too much to know. Show us the results of the cameras that are out there in the field.


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