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Skinwalker Ranch Secret: Bigelow and Fugal Coincidence?

"The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" show on History Channel 

The Skinwalker Ranch Secret series on Ghost Hunting Theories.

The season finale airs next Tuesday and Dennis Guern and I have been hitting most of the main explanations for what is happening there. 

Next week, we will discuss our own personal take on what's happening there.

So far, we have covered a wide variety of possible explanations from rare earth elements to aliens, from portals to other worlds and ancient giants to the Ark of the Covenant. We have approached the evidence we could accrue for each explanation so that readers can take it and run, including lots of links to find more on the subject matter because GHT is all about opening minds and inserting wonder.

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Today, we discuss connections between Bigelow and Fugal that are quite odd. In some ways, it's like they were twins separated at birth. I mean, what are the chances they have so many similarities unless these two successful men have a similar goal.

Robert Bigelow

Robert Bigelow's career for decades was based on commercial real estate, i.e. hotels, motels and apartments. This allowed him to succeed. Successful men often take on new projects to succeed once again or to reach some personal goal that intrigues them. 

In 1996, Bigelow who reportedly had a life-long interest in the unexplained and a dream of having a space program had worked hard to get to the point where he could assauge his curiosity. 

He bought Skinwalker Ranch and he put together NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science). Although NIDS was said to be privately funded from Las Vegas (Bigelow's home place), which was later disbanded in 2004. Some say that the pentagon funded NIDS, but it appears as if it were privately funded, although perhaps had a dialogue with the government on its findings. Those findings remain secured, perhaps because a private party did the research, allowing the government to hold their hands in the air and shrug, "sorry, but this doesn't have to be revealed, it's not government information and private parties decide if they want to share or not." 

Bigelow moved on to tap on MUFON's door to go through their records. Now, this kind of reminds one of when people say, "if I were president, I'd open UFO records and share." 

Bigelow was in a position and enough clout to once again assauge his curiosity about UFOs and aliens. After all, his goal all along had been to create an aerospace program. If there was knowledge about propulsion, about encounters, about life out there - he would want to know. 

For a time, interviews where he admitted he was certain there was life out there, and given his research of aliens and Skinwalker Ranch, the public smiled, nodded their heads, and assumed he was a quirky rich guy who grew up with 1950s scifi movies influence.

In 1999, Bigelow founded Bigelow Aerospace. In 2016, he sold the ranch to a holding company, Adamantium. Later in 2020, it became obvious who the new owner was. What was so odd was how many things the two men had in common. 

Brandon Fugal

With a highly successful career brokering real estate, land and commercial building deals, Brandon shows a healthy lineup of business know-how and experience that impresses the industry all the way to Wall Street. 

He shows interest in Utah's parks, participation in Utah's Chamber of Commerce, ancient history, and women's leadership. He also is a co-founder and board member of the Cypher Corporation and involvement in various degrees to high-tech companies. 

Brandon also owns Aero Dynamic Jets. His interests appear to be strong in high tech. 

In 2016, under a holding company named Adamantium, Brandon bought Skinwalker Ranch. It remained a quiet transaction until 2019 when filming began on a series for History Channel called "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch." 

This nearly perfectionistic businessman just went public with exploration into the unknown. Career suicide or career advancement? Well, so far he didn't play Harry Carey on his path to success and once there, why in the world ruin it? The obvious answer is - level up in the game of business by going on to something of worldly significance. 


So, it appears we have two successful real estate tycoons who are closet paranormal nerds with a focus on a property with a reputation for high strangeness? Are they two rich successful men with a boy inside screaming "goodie, oh goodie! I can look for aliens!"

You know how they say that twins separated at birth end up with a similar path - maybe they both marry a woman named "Margaret" and both put ketchup on their sushi?

At times, evaluating Bigelow and Fugal, it almost feels too much of a coincidence. What are the random chances two such similar men end up on the same unusual course?

Given that both are successful and well-respected, intelligent and high-functioning men, the only conclusion is that they have a specific goal of success that involves the same path. Somehow, their plans merge. But how? 

Why would two very successful businessmen decide to publicly chase the unexplained on a ranch in Utah? 

It might hurt their reputation, make business deals more difficult to navigate, change the public view of their comptency. Well, that might have been true of Steve Job in the 1970s when the idea of a computer going from mainframe and used by places like NASA to a personal computer in the home sounded hilarious.

In other words, these men must know that what they seek is going to change the world.

Given their track record for getting what they want, we can certainly support the effort. We are just glad that Fugal is willing to let us peek under the mysterious skirt that is Skinwalker Ranch. 

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