Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Dawn's Early Light

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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#1 What Is Urban Sasquatch?
#2 "The Original Experiment"
#3 "The Urban Study Begins"
#4 "Signatures and Signs"
#5 "Mixing It Up"
#6 "Neglected and Discouraged"
#7 "Adding Complexities"
#8 "Stunning Interactions"
#9 "Showing My Intent"
#10 "I'm Being Directed"
#11 "New Team Member"
#12 "Working It Vigorously"
#13 "Curious Interactions"
#14 "New Season Begins"
#15 "Answering My Thoughts?"
#16 Trail Cam Sham
#17 Training for Cameras
#18 Weather, Birds and Unexplained Sights
#19 More Preparation For Filming
#20 Revealing the Urban Research Site
#21 Research Considerations
#22 Making Signs
#23 Footprint Found
#24 Testing Animal Versus Sasquatch
#25 Enticing With Food and Curiosity
#26 Amping up the Exchange
#27 Opening Communication
#28 Extended Visit
#29 Pillaged and Moved
#30 Feather Gift
#31 Disarray
#32 Evolving
#33 Flooding and Chaos
#34 After the Floods
#35 Lots of Changes
#36 Hair Samples
#37 Lots of Tinkering
#38 Shocking Find
#39 Between Storms
#40 Are They Understanding?
#41 Amping Up the Challenges
#42 The Calm Before the Storm?
#43 Drawing Them Out of Hiding
#44 Footprints and Disruption
#45 Dream Catcher and Gifting
#46 Narrowing the Locations
#47 2015 Year In Review and 2016 Begins!
#48 Twigs and Balls
#49 Come and Take It!
#50 Making Themselves Known
#51 Footprint of the Treat Thief!
#52 Perspective on the Site
#53 Being Watched
#54 Restless Pillaging
#55 Shuffling Through
#56 Arches Forming
#57 Steady Progress
#58 Systemic Changes 

Volume 3
Field Report #14

Friday March 25, 2016

This day was Good Friday Holiday for my job. I decided to visit the area early today. I left home approximately 4:05 AM. The temperature was 54, a clear night with a full moon. 

I arrived at the park area around 4:35 AM. The temperature there was lower, 44. The park gates aren't opened till 7 AM. I parked at a close-by location out of the park. From there I rode my bike to the site. 

I had 3 back pack loads of items to take in to the site. This took 3 trips. I completed the 3 trips, etc. by 6 AM. The area was under a full moon and well lit. 

I hung out at the pipes. I was waiting to see if some early interaction was possible. I did whistles, notes on the flute and 3 tree knocks. There was no unusual movement or sounds.

By 7:25 AM it was lighter. I now started checking the site, taking the photos and making observations.

#1. thru 7. The tire set-up on pipe #1 has been messed with.??? 'Little Joe Young' was lying sideways against the inside of the tire as if resting.??? The longer blue stick and red sticks were inside the opening of the tire on the pipe.??? Three of the balls were removed from the set-up and lying a particular way, like a triangle, on the ground approximately 2' or more from the pipe.????

#8. and #9. On the small trail, the long limb, which had been straight up vertically last visit, was over at an angle.??? Also at the base, the right side 2x4 has been slightly moved.????

#10. Thru #12. The plastic garbage can, as a storage container, was messed with. Most all the items have been have been scattered about around the container.???? The only items still in the container are the paint cans.???? This was probably a raccoon.

#13. and #14. I have put up 2 food gifting buckets. I just put up one by the pipes. The other is further east in the woods. Here were the 2 sets of food items for the 2 buckets.

#15. The gifting food bucket by the pipes at 7'-1.5'' off the ground to the opening.

#16. thru #18. A new set-up by the pipes using a painted tire, balls, 2x4's and blue painted sticks.

#19. and #20. Food gifting bucket #2. 6'-1'' off the ground to the opening. This is the deeper site to the east of the pipes. I put the large rock in the bucket on top of the food items. This should make it difficult for raccoons, etc. to pull the food items out. It's a heavy rock.

#21. thru #51. Many different set-ups to cause interaction. We'll see what happens.

I left the area before lunch.

This concludes field report #14 for Friday March 25, 2016.

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