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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Camera Fake Trick

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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#1 What Is Urban Sasquatch?
#2 "The Original Experiment"
#3 "The Urban Study Begins"
#4 "Signatures and Signs" 
#5 "Mixing It Up"
#6 "Neglected and Discouraged"
#7 "Adding Complexities"
#8 "Stunning Interactions"
#9 "Showing My Intent"
#10 "I'm Being Directed"
#11 "New Team Member"
#12 "Working It Vigorously"
#13 "Curious Interactions"
#14 "New Season Begins"
#15 "Answering My Thoughts?"
#16 Trail Cam Sham 
#17 Training for Cameras
#18 Weather, Birds and Unexplained Sights
#19 More Preparation For Filming
#20 Revealing the Urban Research Site 

#21 Research Considerations
#22 Making Signs
#23 Footprint Found 
#24 Testing Animal Versus Sasquatch
#25 Enticing With Food and Curiosity
#26 Amping up the Exchange
#27 Opening Communication
#28 Extended Visit
#29 Pillaged and Moved 
#30 Feather Gift
#31 Disarray
#32 Evolving
#33 Flooding and Chaos 
#34 After the Floods
#35 Lots of Changes
#36 Hair Samples 
#37 Lots of Tinkering
#38 Shocking Find 
#39 Between Storms
#40 Are They Understanding? 
#41 Amping Up the Challenges
#42 The Calm Before the Storm?
#43 Drawing Them Out of Hiding
#44 Footprints and Disruption 
#45 Dream Catcher and Gifting
#46 Narrowing the Locations
#47 2015 Year In Review and 2016 Begins! 
#48 Twigs and Balls
#49 Come and Take It! 
#50 Making Themselves Known
#51 Footprint of the Treat Thief! 
#52 Perspective on the Site
#53 Being Watched
#54 Restless Pillaging
#55 Shuffling Through 
#56 Arches Forming

#57 Steady Progress 
#58  Systemic Changes 

Volume 3
Field Visit #13
March 18, 2016

I arrived at the park late Friday afternoon approximately 5:23 PM. It was 86 degrees, sunny with high clouds. Rain was in the forecast. My last visit was 12 days ago. I visited 1B only this trip. After gearing up, I headed for the site. I arrived at the entry 5:45 PM.

Photos with observations follows:

#1. thru #7. At the pipes the 2x4's on the ground have been re-arranged. ??? 2 or missing.??? There was a Y-branch across the small trail.??? It was not there last visit. I found the two 2x4's along with small trail further in. A 12' tall limb was now in the middle of the small trail, stood up vertically.???

#8. and 9. The food left previous has been removed from the map case and wrappers are scattered ion the immediate vicinity.????

#10. and #11. The yellow tire was now on the ground.???? The bear-bee doll was gone from the spot on the tree I has it hanging from.????

#12. The photos on the ball buckets were angled again.????

#13. The CD disc in the paper package was found on the ground.???

#14. From this set-up the left side ball is off the meter cover and the plastic cup is not vertical. ????On the right side the yellow rock is off the meter cover.????

#15. On this set-up some of the rocks and bottles have been messed with.????

#16. and #17. The limbs painted blue 'stickman' has been re-arranged with some of the laid out sticks now showing the natural wood side.???? This has happened a number of times.

#18. The 'E' letter has been moved to the side of the set-up.????

#19. The umbrella is now angled.????? It was previously horizontal.

#20. I took the plastic garbage can, turned it on its side, put into a small bush and used for storage.

#21. I re-attached one of the dummy cameras to see if it would be messed with. I had it pointed at the storage container.

#22. This what it would look like if the camera was real and taking photos etc.

#23. I re-arranged the contents for a different look.

#24. I did this set-up by painting 2 blue and green circles on the 4 red water meter covers. I added the 6 yellow painted bottles in the center.

#25. I found the bear-bee doll, face-down, on the ground near the ball buckets tree.????

#26. thru #29. I took one of the tires to the pipes and did a new set-up. I eventually added the smaller balls, the larger red ball and 'Joe Young'.

#30. I relocated the black Kettle Bell and rope from the P.R.O.W. to this pipe.

I completed the time for today and headed back to the parking area.

I find something messed with, re-arranged with each visit. This is ok but it seems I need something more. For once, I would like for one or more to get out of stealth mode and really come out in the open and make an appearance. That's my need.

This concludes field report #13 for Friday March 18, 2016.

**DO NOT miss tomorrow's post about Renovations and Hauntings - it is extensive and extremely enlightening.**

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