Thursday, June 2, 2016

Researcher Karl Sup On the Radio Discussing Bigfoot

Karl Sup has been a regular contributor on Ghost Hunting Theories and a Bigfoot Researcher whose work I have greatly admired. You might have read some of his work on here and the links are below.

Karl Sup is a software architect, developer and analyst, and an avid Bigfoot researcher working in the mountains of Arizona for many years. During this research and in other states including Maryland and Wisconsin, he has been fortunate enough to interact with and view multiple subjects over the years. Karl also has had decades of audio analysis and editing experience, and assisted in helping M.K. Davis clean up and enhance audio from VHS tapes he has been studying and discovered the presence of infrasound within those recordings.

Karl is on the radio tomorrow morning at 10 am to noon EST/9 am to 11 am Central/7 am to 9 am Mountain and Pacific time talking about Bigfoot on The Long Version with Fletcher Long.

Posts by Karl -
Sasquatch Locomotion (co-authored with myself)

I hope you're listening tomorrow morning - this will be very interesting. Karl has a refreshing and thorough investigative mind. He thinks on his feet, is logical, thorough at gathering evidence, and well respected. He has brought a good deal of expertise to Bigfoot research that is invaluable. 

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