Monday, June 3, 2019

Habituation Situation: 6-Toed Print?

Every Monday on Ghost Hunting Theories I continue to archive what I consider to be one of the most significant habituation situations documented by researchers. As the series continues along, field notes, photos, audio and video will be revealed on a massive scale.

As the researchers worked to understand the entities they were dealing with, around every corner they found more and more startling evidence and interactions that changed their viewpoint on everything they thought they knew about mankind.

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May 21, 2003

West side of creek (above) - new break on small tree next to large tree.

West side of creek (above). Tires were removed possibly by Bigfoot and relocated here.

Bait food can was gone from on tree (above).

Food bait can (above) found in top of small cedar tree 10-12 feet off the ground, placed over broken trunk.

A new door formation with fallen limb (above)???

Southeast corner of property (above). One limb from previous formation across the trail near the one-man tent setup. Folding chair was knocked over. Could be wind???

Wilson (ball with face on it) was found (above) inside the tent. It had not been left inside by any researchers. Folding chair on the ground. Red Christmas decoration placed. Bigfoot???

Southeast area, formation set up by the fenceline affected by possible wind or critter? 

Wilson in tent as found by researcher (above).

Southeast area near revolving deer feeder (above). Chair was turned over, doll still in blanket. Researcher set it back up again.

May 22, 2003

Researcher took footprint casts from creek (above), not far from Frisbee food setup. They placed a post in ground with Frisbee turned upside down and put food in it, maybe 4 feet off ground in the area west of creek. One cast from in creek, other west of creek.

Print (above) found east of the creek along a trail. Appears to have six toes???

West of the creek (above), the researchers decided to try a new technique utilizing a mirror. The camera was facing the mirror so when they sneak up on the camera, their images might be caught in the mirror. It seemed the Bigfoot understand not to stand in front of the camera. The bucket with a rock on it housed the extension cord connection, as they were running power from a workshop building on the property. Upon occasion, someone would lift the bucket and unplug the cords - Bigfoot??

Close to the last area, the researchers put a new setup in a tree with chains, pieces of iron, tire with a red ball in it, and 3 tires above in a bed frame. This was torn apart and captured on video. 

In the west side of the property the researchers set up a new arrangement with the hunting blind and the monkey doll in a chair (above).

Researcher moved can from top of broken tree and placed over broken tree limb (above near center).

In the southeast area of the property, researchers created another setup (above). A red Christmas bow decoration on a tree near the tent setup. 

In the southeast area (above), researchers set up chairs, red Christmas decoration, and limbs. 

The setup (above).

A new setup by researchers (above) of doll atop the revolving deer feeder.

Wilson setup by researchers (above).

Researchers put a blue bowl with marbles inside the tent and zipped it up.

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