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Habituation Situation: They Recreated a Researcher Formation!

Every Monday on Ghost Hunting Theories I continue to archive what I consider to be one of the most significant habituation situations documented by researchers. As the series continues along, field notes, photos, audio and video will be revealed on a massive scale.

As the researchers worked to understand the entities they were dealing with, around every corner they found more and more startling evidence and interactions that changed their viewpoint on everything they thought they knew about mankind.

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May 10, 2003

Dusty and another researcher came back to find the chairs and limbs knocked over. They decided a cow could have done it, can't prove it was Bigfoot. Cow dung on the left side of the shot.

Another view of the overturned chairs (above).

Something laid down near the chairs (above). Could have been a cow, so cannot confirm Bigfoot-related.

In the far southeast area fence line, near a small cedar tree with numerous breaks, white hairs were found on the barbed wire (above).

The cedar (above) with breaks near the white hair on the barbed wire fence.

A formation made with buckets that Dusty set up was knocked over (above). Could have been cows. 

On west side of creek in the "Bigfoot Preserve" area of the property, amazing find! The stump that had tires and a sweatshirt on it was obliterated, stump is much shorter (above). 

(above) The broken off top of the stump nearby. 

(above) Interestingly, the Bigfoot had taken the tires from the stump they broken and moved them 20-25 feet away onto this stick. Of note, they recreated the same formation Dusty had done on the trail near the big pond on April 30th. This was NOT done by the researchers. 

Here (below) is the shot from the April 30th formation Dusty had done that the forest people recreated (above).

Dusty's formation (above) from April 30th

On the west side of the creek, the top part of stump and sweatshirt (above) are now up in a cedar tree right behind the tire formation. They are about 15 feet up in the tree.

West of the creek at the hunting blind setup, Dusty found the blind unzipped and open and the lantern that was on the chair is now on the floor (bottom right inside the blind).

A small tree near the clearing where they found the chairs. 

In the southeast part of property where cows are, one of the researchers set up this limb formation at the fence line in the southeast corner.

Researchers added removed bow to this formation (above).

The researchers made this teepee formation (above) and added a honeybun treat atop it. 

Ornaments from the original decorated cedar tree were added to the formation by the forest folks. 

Dusty found an old basketball at the gravel pit and painted a face on it. They referred to it as "Wilson" (referencing movie "Castaway"). The team put it in the tree, but later that evening found it on the ground. It could have been knocked down by wind. 

In the southeast area of the property, the researchers set up a "camp." A single person tent next to a chair (above). They also left the lantern hanging in thte tree.

May 11, 2003

The property owner's daughter's doll wrapped in a blanket with a honeybun on her lap. Set up by the researchers. 

The night before, a researcher put two honeybuns on this setup. One was between the tires and chain and one was atop of the tires. This morning, the tires had been slightly adjusted and honeybuns were gone. One wrapper was on the ground (left) and another was down by the creek. 

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