Habituation Situation: Acting Out!

Every Monday on Ghost Hunting Theories I continue to archive what I consider to be one of the most significant habituation situations documented by researchers. As the series continues along, field notes, photos, audio and video will be revealed on a massive scale.

As the researchers worked to understand the entities they were dealing with, around every corner they found more and more startling evidence and interactions that changed their viewpoint on everything they thought they knew about mankind.

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April 24, 2003

The tree break (above) that had the inner tube and limb are now moved. 

Small tree that had tires and chain wrapped around it and broken off 3-4 feet off the ground, they have now moved the items.

You can see the chained tires (above) back there.

Closer look (above) of tires behind the tree and near the creek. Nearby is a wrapper from a sweet treat the researchers had left out.

Small tree broken off when tires removed (above, center). 

Three ornaments (above) taken from the decorated cedar tree. This is an area where they had seating set up. A rock on the ground the property owner would do rock stacks for interaction.

Red balls line up with cedar tree and Santa decoration. 

In the southeast corner of the property, a limb (above) was wedged in a cedar tree.

On the other side of the property, a parallel (above) limb was way up in a tree. 

Formation chair was mangled (above), limbs reshaped and part of the chair was up in a tree.

Plastic chair was thrown. 

April 30, 2003

Stump with sweatshirt and chairs. Found on the ground.

Limb with tire tube, found on the ground. Put on stump. 

On the property (above) in the "Bigfoot Preserve" area set aside. New formation at the bait food can. 

They the researchers tied the vinyl chair straps to limbs to make new formation (above).

Set up T-limb for new formation near the fenceline.