Grand Canyon Mummies: Google Earth Survey

On all the aspects of the Grand Canyon Mummies topic that Dennis Guern and I will be studying, one aspect is the feasibility of the cave's existence as viewed on Google Earth. We brought in our researcher James Carroll, who has been a real whiz with Google Earth to help us narrow possibilities.

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Deciding to get a sense of all the locations that meet criteria, we began to do some Google Earth surveys of areas that have had mining (as these mummies apparently mined), lava dams from ancient times 10,000+ years ago where water levels rose to meet the cave entrance area, and Kinkaid's account as well as other researchers surmising potential locales. Let's have a look - 


Interestingly, Prospect Canyon meets two criteria: mining (gold/copper) and a lava dam area with previous raised water levels

Whitmore Canyon Lava Dam

Toroweap Lava Dam

These lava dams are in one area together - 

Kinkaid potential area 

Following Kinkaid's instructions, this is likely the area in which the cave was said to be.

This is some of the east wall that might have offered him the view of the cave.


Horseshoe Mesa (purest grade of copper)

Prospect Canyon (also a known lava dam area, uranium)

Maricopa Point (copper and silver)

Hermit Mines (copper and silver)

Ultimately, considering Kinkaid's points about east wall, potential mining areas for the mummy tribe and areas with dams created over 10,000 years ago from lava causing the water levels to rise, regions named for Egypt and Greek Gods....

To the west, the lava dams that long ago flooded areas of the Grand Canyon with lakes. 

Consider this - 

Lava dams are to the west. That is downstream in this view. The lakes formed by the dams would be the east of that, so we look east of the lava dams.

What is east of that area? Mining hot spots and region named for Egyptian and Greek gods.


Now, last thing we have to do is find a north south run of the Colorado since Kinkaid saw the cave on the east wall. 

He mentioned seeing the sediment levels of what was once a high water level and "staining." 

Of course, many will try to locate his alleged voyage and find ideal conditions, but in the case of Dennis Guern and I, we are looking at all the factors, a bit like the Drake Equation in astronomy that looks for all the best conditions to rate the possibility of life on another planet. 

More episodes of this series are coming soon!