The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Drawing Them Out of Hiding

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting.

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Field Visit #37

November 29, 2015

This visit includes 19 photos.

Today, I decided to bring back some food items to the sight. I can't get it out of my mind that raccoons didn't take all the food offered this year at the sites. The food offered this trip included: 2 bags of popcorn, 2 bags of peanuts and 2 large sweet treats.

I arrived at the parking area at 1:58 PM. The temperature and conditions were 50 degrees, cloudy and breezy with a light mist. I continued to do my basic bike riding on this visit. 

After riding approximately 15 minutes close by at 2:15 PM, I was back at my car and loading up my backpack. I typically go to the far first but decided to go to site 1B instead. 

At 2:35 PM, I arrived at the 1B entry. I parked my bike just inside the tree line and did a walk on the grassy area along the ditch to the creek. I haven't done this in some time. I didn't see anything unusual as I scanned the area. What really staggered me though was the amount of trash brought down the creek from the recent flooding and rains. Where logs and debris in the creek build up, there was a lot of trash caught at those spots. It's really an eyesore, but nothing can be done about it. All the new trash pockets will come up over the banks from the creek and flow over into Sites 1A and 1B. When I decide to explore back into site 1A, I will find new water meter covers and more balls.

I finished at the creek and went ahead into 1B. After walking the whole site nothing looked out of the ordinary. Nothing was changed or new. I added and changed a few items. The following photos show these items.

#1 thru #5.  At 1B, I bring back the large tool bag and hang from a nail on a large tree near one of my boundary markers (a spot painted plastic,garbage can lid, plus hanging, yellow caution tape, and a plastic cover with a 'BF' drawings sheet. All these hang from a low limb.) In the tool bag. I put 1 bag of popcorn, 1 bag of peanuts, 1 sweet treat, the comb, tent pegs: yellow plastic and 1 metal with green plastic parts, and a hand axe. I also added a chain as an obstacle. I wanted to see if the chain would be moved.

#6.  The buckets with the found balls from the area. In the dark bucket, I add a old plastic cup upside down. Will it be messed with?

#7.  I add my old plastic poncho under 'Wilson'. Please 'FP' take them!!

#8.  The bear doll is till sitting on the limb. My stored items in the pipe. Nothing has been taken.

#9.  If I didn't mention before, I was grabbing the small ball from the crook of the limb near the pipes. It fell from my hand and rolled into the ground, animal hole opening. When I reached to get it out, I accidentally nudged it. The ball rolled under ground. I was surprised. The hole is deep. The ball could not be retrieved. This photo is of that hole.

#10 thru #13.  I removed all items from the pipes and water meter covers. I stacked the red meter covers and put items in in the bag and left as you see. I also laid out another 'BF' drawings sheet.

After completing the above it was time to move on to the P.R.O.W. It was now approximately 3:25 PM. I Rode my bike to the far trail and made it back to the P.R.O.W at 3:55 PM. As I walked the area, again nothing seemed to be changed or out of the ordinary.

#14. and #17.  I brought with me the other bag of popcorn, bag of peanuts and sweet treat. I also brought one of my used, small backpacks to hang on a nail from the knife gifting tree. I put the food items in the pack and left it hanging. This is approximately 5'10" off the ground.

#15., #16. and #19. I also hung a length of yellow caution tape from the tree I had taken pink marking tape from recently.

#18. An unusual tree arch. Looks like it grew into this shape. I may use this tree for future setups.

The area here is swampy after rains. It takes quite a while to dry out. There is something to this spot.

It's 4:10 PM and I leave the area. I expect something to have happened by my next visit.

This concludes filed report #37 for Sunday November 29 2015.