Using Science to Find the Grand Canyon Mummy Site


There's a lot of speculation about the 1909 Phoenix Gazette paper describing an unusual apparently Egyptian-looking cavern (LINK) filled with relics and mummies from very long ago. Many use the article as the factual accounting, but those of us who prefer logic ask ourselves, "if this is true, how is it feasible?"

Please feel free to utilize the links and evidence I'm sharing, as I am hardly going to go into the Grand Canyon myself in search of this mystery, but if it helps seekers to answer the how's and where's, have at it. Just know that the Grand Canyon has hundreds of caves and nearly none of them were documented or explored, simply off limits! For you at-home researchers, enjoy the process of tying the pieces together -

Using a bit of logic and historic and scientific backing, I began to examine where those 1909 reported caverns with ancient mummies and treasures in the Grand Canyon could be and if they were feasible. What I've found takes us on an interesting journey....

Legends - Hopi wisdom shares the ant people who helped during a fiery end to one world, by bringing them underground to survive into the next world. 

This was in the region of the high plateau near the Grand Canyon in what today is Arizona.

This is validated too by the fact that there were lava flows in this region, the last one around 950 years ago (1073 CE).

Lava flows plugged up the Colorado river many times in the Grand Canyon causing lakes that rose up high. The reports of the mummy cave finds in 1909 were said to be 1000 ft up a cliff and from the cave opening there were steps going down about 30 yards to what was once a water line. That would mean, this "lake" in the Grand Canyon had to be formed by a lava flow further downstream.

To validate this concept - look to Death Valley Men and reports that when the caverns under the Panamints were found, the opening appeared to be a boat docking area up high (when Lake Panamint and Lake Manly and other Pleistocene lakes filled Death Valley) - gives a time period for those cave ports around older than 10,500 years.

What we need to tie this together is a cavern system.

Hurricane Cliffs escarpment has frequent tremors still. This fault line, like most fault lines, creates limestone caverns. It runs from up near Hurricane, Utah to the Grand Canyon. 

This would likely make a great escape system for the periodic lava flows in the region and also supports the many reports of ancient giants in Utah. In fact, one privately known cavern was right on the cliffs - an underground storage room for gold and mummies with copper instruments guarding it.

In fact, one story was from the 1930s of a giant (source - late researcher Robert Shrewsbury) who came out of Johnson Canyon in Utah and asked the Paiutes to bury him at Mt. Trumbull in Arizona as he was dying. Mt. Trumbull is in this lava flow hot spot near the canyon and near the Hurricane Cliffs.

If you compare the finds in Death Valley Panamints from "Death Valley Men" you will see that these two stories so coorelate in the interiors and finds within the caverns, that obvious a prior culture of advancement and survival skills that took to underground appears to exist. 

In fact, the Paiutes of Death Valley call these people the Hav-Musuvs.  In their legends, they tell of a people who were there before their own tribe. They had sailed in back when there was water in Death Valley and California valleys. They lived inside the Panamint Mountains and sailed and traded with others around the world. When the water dried out in Death Valley, they apparently built silver disc ships they flew in the air. (Interesting, when you consider the amount of UFOs witnessed in this region and a people who shouldn't have even conceived of UFOs back then). 

I have narrowed down the area I believe the caverns to be and the glyphs and geology, legends and more that make it the hottest spot for such a find. 

You can see the lava flow area (dark) cutting through the Grand Canyon from the region near Mt. Trumbull. As the river flows westward, the area that would pool and create a lake would be upstream (east/right side) of the lava flow.
approx 36°12'35.50"N 113°01'15.89"W 
(TIp- when using Google Earth, to get the degree sign, hold down the ALT key and go to the num pad and type in 0176)

As always on my blog, I encourage y'all to do research and feel free to use this information. 

Here's a map showing the Little Springs Eruption at Mt. Trumbull. This was 950 years ago around 1073 CE.

(source) First Mesa consolidates the oldest Hopi settlement, Walpi (dating back to 900 CE) It was around 1073 CE when Mt. Trumbull erupted. This gives us a potential time frame for end of Third World and the appearance of the ant people. 

(above) A researcher friend shared this stone (two sides) found at the First Mesa and quite obviously very archaic carvings by the wise Hopi People. What were they sharing?  

It appears to be an interesting alien-like being and shows Orion's belt in the distance and a star (Betelgeuse?) '

I have my own theory about Betelgeuse as it has the appearance of being close to exploding. Interestingly, we are looking at it right now but what we are seeing is about 724  light years away. What if a planet within its system was in jeopardy of these changes we are seeing now (remember, we are looking into the past)? 

Now, put this in perspective - what we see now happened in reality 724 light years ago. That puts it in the 1300 CE range for us. Now, let's look at that time period - the Middle Ages. Strangely, without cell phones the artists in that time period would paint what they saw. This is what showed up in their art work back then - 

What if they were technologically advanced and had to send ships to other planets in search of places to seed? What if their establishment underground here was one location back when the "ant" people were referred to? And, should such a culture remain, the western US down to South America is ideal with the massive tunnels already existing from the newer volcanic activity in the Pacific? 

Devil's Hole in Death Valley not only shows a deep cavern system too dangerous to explore, but shares a fish (pup fish) with a lake in Bolivia, Lake Titecaca. And, when anything south of the US border has an earthquake, the water in Devil's Hole is disturbed by it. 

Another possibility that crosses the mind is that, if an alien culture did arrive here long ago, wouldn't they seek safety? Wouldn't those with large eyes from perhaps a dark home world need to go underground to a dark environment? Wouldn't they be called ant people? It reminds me of the Cherokee and the Moon-Eyed People they spoke of.

This cliff sculpture commemorates when the Ant People rescued Native Americans not once but twice. This occurred when the earth was destroyed – first by fire and then by ice – and one earth world passed into another. It is told down through the generations, in Native American story, that the Ant People took groups of virtuous humans into their underground homes and protected and taught them until the earth was safe for humans to once again walk in the sun.

(SOURCE) Looking at the dated lava flow layers, it seems that volcanic activity comes in pulses. There has been a 72,000 year lull since the last giant lava outpouring into the canyon. The last eruption in this volcanic field was only 950 years ago (1073 CE) at Little Springs by Mt Trumbull, just a few miles from Whitmore Canyon.

The rock appears to show an alien-like being (ant person?) and what looks like Orion's Belt and possibly a bright star (Betelgeuse?)

Right now, astronomers are noticing Betelgeuse is about to explode (at least from our perspective in time). But, remember we are looking into the past. In fact, Betelgeuse is about 724 light years away. That means that this is what happened around 1300 CE our time.

What was happening in the 1300s here? Art work was showing what our cell phones today are now recording - craft in the sky!

Let's imagine for a second that a culture was going to need to launch for another location to inhabit as they are at risk of Betelgeuse exploding. Imagine those people come to earth. Earthlings start seeing ships in the air. They record them in art.

Note the interesting crop circle of an alien also showing Orion's Belt.

The First Mesa settlement in Walpi was around 1073 CE. What if the Hopi people were given the wisdom of a people escaping a fiery death from another planet? These visitors took to the underground for security or for protection. When the great floods of the end of the Hopi's Third World occurred, did these visitors aid them and take them underground? They were taken into the Sipapu (hole in the earth).

Now, let's take this a step further - for a culture highly advanced that can travel space by light years, the best way to do so is to create a sky harbor portal for transit by wormhole. Where did they place it? Well, my guess would be somewhere in the Southwest, anywhere from Skinwalker Ranch region to Four Corners Arizona.

Are we having more escapees from another star system studying us as a potential relocation? Is Earth presently an "open house" real estate for refugees from space? And, if they are from light years away, we wouldn't be able to witness in the sky where they came from because it won't show up to our viewing for many years.

Fredonia, AZ

Three Rivers, NM

Fredonia, AZ (in the area of the Hopi People) 6 toes. I find it highly intriguing how the Southwest Native People were obsessed with six toes and fingers - what were they encountering? Was it sacred or were they recording encounters like the Middle Ages artists captured UFOs in their paintings?

There are likely many more bits of supporting evidence that could help conclude that - 

The mummy cave (should it have existed as described, above an ancient water line) would have been located 30 stair steps from an ancient lake in the Grand Canyon formed by lava flows. 

Where the conditions are right, the possibility raises. 

(SOURCE) The Hurricane Fault begins at the north end of Cedar Valley and goes in an almost straight line south, across Grand Canyon, and ends at Pete Springs, east of Kingman, Arizona