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Are There Other Skinwalker Ranch Situations? Yes! (And We Think We May Know Why)


For all the crazy things going on at Skinwalker Ranch and Blind Frog Ranch in Utah's Uinta Basin, are they the one potential portal locations of our world or is there special alchemy in other locations that attracts paranormal activity?

Researcher Dennis Guern and I have long wondered if cryptids, hauntings, poltergeists, strange lights, UFOs, aliens, and unknown natural forces sometimes concentrate in one area because of some important natural element. It must be something that is always there to continue to have these sightings in that place which would make something in the earth the likely culprit. 

Dennis Guern and I have narrowed down our focus of ancient giants' advanced civilizations and UFO/skinwalker-like situations to locations where there are rare earth elements, as well as mining of copper and gold.  There is a strong correlation!

Bradshaw Mountains, Arizona

Here in Arizona we have several locations of high strangeness, but one has red flags - the Bradshaw Range. This centrally located mountain range has long been associated with lots of gold and mining, as well as UFOs, strange cryptids, reported portals, and to put icing on the weird cake, the government bought the Bradshaw Ranch and won't let the public wander onto the grounds. (Skinwalker-esque stuff)

The local speculation is that they found an important portal that they wish to observe or have planted an underground base there to study it. 

Some folks have wandered into the area as curious peepers. It has an amazing reputation for creepy energy and rumors of an underground base.

Here's a photo of a single pair of prints with nothing around them, something found on the property and a fantastic account of a creepy sneak peek of the property. LINK TO ARTICLE 

(*SEE links at bottom of the post to learn more about  rare earth elements here) 

Devil's Cemetery, Siberia

Tunguska (yes, the infamous location of an early 1900s meteor crash of some high strangeness - keep reading, this may be relevant)...

There a place in this region referred to as the "Devil's Cemetery." Interesting, as this would involve burial, something planted in the earth. 

Dennis and I have come to wonder if there are locations around the globe where a meteorite crash might have left something buried, something that is a beacon to the unusual in search of a portal, a sort of way to "tag" our planet for visitation. 

Dennis believes there is a possibility of rare earth elements found in these locations that might tie the locations together in a single commonality. (more on that throughout this post) 

The Devil's Cemetery is a meadow covered with remnants of birds and animals that for some reason do not decompose. Vegetation on the meadow is rather scarce, tree branches are charred, animals do not live here, and people who happen to come to the meadow develop headaches and unexplainable anxiety. They say that ruinous energy of the place has something to do with the fall of the Tunguska meteorite.

"My compass’s hand froze and pointed at the North only. By the evening people developed tingling sensation in their bodies, some developed toothache. Everybody noticed growing anxiety. Shortly after 9PM we approached the meadow. Our radio froze, and we turned back.” (Skinwalker-esque qualities)

In keeping with Dennis's hunch of REEs (rare earth elements), Tunguska has an interesting finding, the discovery of anomalies of platinum group elements and rare earth elements found in the possible comet crash zone. 

(*SEE links at bottom of the post to learn more about  rare earth elements here) 

Hoia Baciu, Romania

Those who love "Destination Truth" show with Josh Gates might remember an episode done in the Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania. The team saw strange spooklights, got nauseous, felt weird and scared, and even got thrown, had scratches, and more!

Let's look at the history of this spot in the forest where no trees grow.

(LINK) This forest has it all–mysterious disappearances, UFO sightings, ghosts, strange cryptids, and even ancient tombs. Hoia Baciu is home to the region’s oldest Neolithic settlement, believed to originate from 6500 BCE. The site includes archaic houses and a burial ground. Hoia Baciu was named for a shepherd who vanished in the forest–along with his flock of 200 sheep. 

According to local legend, neither shepherd or sheep were ever seen again. Most locals who live near the forest are afraid to go inside, believing they will also disappear. Those brave enough to venture within have suffered from strange rashes, headaches, burns, scratches, and nausea, among other ailments (sound like Skinwalker Ranch?). People reportedly experience a high level of anxiety while in the forest, along with the sensation of being watched. Electronics often malfunction in the area as well (more Skinwalker-esque features).

(*SEE links at bottom of the post to learn more about  rare earth elements here) 

Uinta Basin

Most of you readers are aware of the high strangeness in the Uinta Basin after watching the series "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel or "The Mystery of Blind Frog Ranch" on the Discovery Channel. 

Both locations in the NE corner of Utah in the Uinta Basin are in an oil-rich land with some interesting geology, as well as a lot of REEs (rare earth elements - description below on just what REEs are and why they are important).

In mapping target locations of the advanced "ancient giant" culture, Dennis Guern and I repeatedly ran into locations of gold and copper mining and ancient waterways, but also rare earth elements locations. It seemed the higher the concentrate of REEs, the more strangeness. Countries like Chile are just chock full of craziness and major mining.

(*SEE links at bottom of the post to learn more about  rare earth elements here) 


Chile is not just the largest producer of copper in the world, but it is also the location of some of the weirdest things ever reported. It is also considered globally to be the biggest UFO encounter country. Do you think there's a coinicidence that mining and UFOs and strangeness go hand-in-hand? 

As odd as this little mummy from the Atacama Desert is, supposedly it was fully grown. It has been explained as a fetus but with the bones of a 6-year-old to 8-year-old. Scientists concluded it was perhaps a fetus with a rare growth disorder that aged bones quickly.

If you watched "Destination Truth," you likely saw the Chilean episode inside the mines where Josh found a very strange skeleton buried. As well, the team was startled to see and document the strange UFO-like lights that citizens very often report. 

As well, Chile's mining areas are reportedly HUGE UFO attraction. 

In fact, even the military reports odd encounters. 

What is referred to as the "Chilean Air Rod" was reported by F-5 fighter pilots. This thing was reported as having no wings, sitting stationary, and able to cloak itself in some kind of mist. It was last seen jetting at a high rate of speed toward Easter Island!

The Alicanto is a mythological nocturnal bird of the desert of Atacama, pertaining to Chilean mythology. Legend says that the alicanto's wings shine at night with beautiful, metallic colors, and their eyes emit strange lights. The color of the wings may indicate the type of ore it eats, golden if from a gold mine and silvery if from a silver mine. Some descriptions also portray the color of the wings as copper-green. One doesn't have to take a big leap to imagine that something metallic and emitting light in the vacant desert might become legendary. 

Chile is definitely meeting some of the crazy Skinwalker-esque qualities. 

Portal Characteristics

Whether the focus was gold and copper mining or mining for rare earth elements, it seems that the clusters of hauntings/UFOs/aliens/strange lights/cattle mutilations/skinwalker creatures/cryptids, and odd physical responses to human bodies have commonalities.

Are rare earth elements deposits made by an alien culture in order to use as a geologic tag to find the planet? 


Did meteorites and comets hit, depositing elements from their own worlds that they can recognize when out in space searching for mining locations that might have elements they need? 


Are portals created utilizing rare earth elements? 

Some of these clues might lie in the ancient legends of the Native People. The Paiutes of Death Valley, California reported a culture of people called the Hav-Musuvs who arrived by boat back when the land there had lakes like Lake Panamint and Lake Manly. They were said to bury themselves inside the mountains and occasionally leave to trade with other cultures by boat. 

What was traded? 

Well, the greatest find underground in Death Valley are precious metals. And the culture was said to have wand-like devices that could be pointed and either stun a person or kill them instantly. 

And, it was said that when the lakes dried up, the Hav-Musuvs simply started flying in metal air ships. 

About Rare Earth Elements 

The rare earth elements (REE) are a set of seventeen metallic elements.

lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, promethium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium, lutetium, scandium, yttrium 

The Mountain Pass Mine, San Bernardino County, California, was the only active producer of rare-earth elements (REEs) in the United States in 2013. This lies midway between Death Valley and Lake Havasu in the California Mojave Desert. 

Today, China is now the biggest producer of REEs.

Rare earths are used as catalysts, phosphors, and polishing compounds. These are used for air pollution control, illuminated screens on electronic devices, and the polishing of optical-quality glass. All of these products are expected to experience rising demand.

And, although that is what we use them for, their uses could go way beyond the commonly accepted value. In other words, another culture from an alien existence could utilize these elements in ways we never imagined. 

In order of production of REEs with the first one listed as the largest producer down in descending order - 

China (major UFO area)
United States (major UFO area) 

Now, we could extrapolate that there would be more portals in China, say, versus Brazil, but producing the most of an item and having the most of an item aren't always compatible. 

It is interesting to note that countries like China and the US who make a lot of electronics and advanced instrumentation happen to want the elements more than other countries. That makes sense as they utilize them more. 

But can we make a jump in conclusions that advanced aliens might also seek out REEs and want to mine them in areas with the most amounts of these elements? 

And might some of the advancements in our cultures come from contact with aliens and agreements for mining? Could it be that some of our technology jumps did come from some alien culture, but they have yet to trust us with the higher forms of technology they also utilize these elements for, such as portal deployment? 

Could regions with enormous UFO sightings actually be the citizens noting the comings and goings of alien cultures here to pick up what China and the US have mined in an agreement? 

Here's a map above of rare earth element mining.

What is an alien? 

We often interchange that concept with Hollywood's portrayal of beings from constellations far away who travel here, but it could also mean other things. 

Perhaps it means a culture that has always been beside us, but utilizes energy rather than matter to manifest itself. In other words, ghostly like beings who are right here with us but we don't see them. 

It could also mean another dimensional being or a being from a parallel world. 

The last possible thing an alien could be is a being that has always shared our world but remained undetected (sort of like Bigfoot).  With sightings of USOs (unidentified submersible objects), this concept has been bantered around that an intelligent people could live below the sea with advancements that allow air and water travel or possibly beings from another world who settled in our sea beds. 

When we speak about alien finds and debris from crashes, isn't "a strange metal" high on the list. The one reported from the Roswell Crash in 1947 was like aluminum but after balling it up, it sprang back into its smooth original composition. Might rare earth elements be a part of alien metallics? Do they have properties that might seem exceptional for building a lightweight vehicle with strength and resilience?  Just a thought....

Dennis and I applied some notions to the craziness at Blind Frog Ranch where they could take sand and heat it up into metal in a crucible. 

What if there are rare earth elements in the sand? 

If this were so, producing metals for ships and the like might not be a huge undertaking for aliens. If done here on the earth in arid deserts the collection of sand in these areas, heated high enough, could produce metals for ship construction. 

In fact, isn't it interesting how places like the Gobi Desert, Mojave Desert, Atacama Desert seem to attract UFOs in large numbers in such barren areas? 

When it comes to the copper mines association, Dennis and I first started investigating this in relation to ancient giant finds near copper mining that the Native People did not claim, and a giant culture that showed copper implements, armor, and precious copper plates with archival writing. 

Let's look at the top 10 copper mines - 

Chile, USA, Peru, Mexico - four of the most busy UFO highways on earth!


Ultimately, Dennis and I hope to open minds and insert wonder on the matter of weird alleys in our world. The questions raised at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah have been important ones to study with science and documentation as this subject matter seems to be categorized as "magic" to most of the public.  

Coming out and saying, "yeah, weird stuff is going on," and actually studying it is the only way to remove the magic and insert the science.

BTW:  Dennis will be joining an expedition to a few locations in mid June. He will be doing a lot of reporting of the finds. These are amazing treks with researchers we greatly respect. 

More Info:

Here's our video of this post LINK

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