Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Review: Season Two Opener - Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on History Channel


After making a nice little party spread of nibbles and some cold beer, researcher Dennis Guern and I sat down to view Season 2, Episode 1 of our favorite - "Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel. 

SPOILER ALERT: The plot is talked about in this installment - 

This much anticipated episode was met with rolling eyes. Not because of the amazing production content of the show, but because my local Cox Cable has SAP that got turned on, utilizing a mechanical-sounding female voice narrating the action during its shows. I had to chase around the internet to learn how to turn off SAP for Cox Cable as it had been ruining my shows on History Channel only. 

That annoyance aside, the episode provided all the exciting pickup from season one that we anticipated without tons of time spent on reviewing those episodes. Nicely edited! 

The team came back with the exception of the scientist that was part of the original team and the superintendent fellow with the southwest vest. Sorry, I'm facial amnesic, but also that affects recalling names. 

Dennis immediately noted that the idea to bring on a radiation oncology professional and a hydrologist/geologist were good choices. With Dennis's experience utilizing GPR (ground-penetrating radar) he was itching to see them make another go of defining that dome underground. Perhaps later in the season.

They appeared to be much more prepared to go at the earth this time. With Dragon now in a position of managing safety of the team, he has a prominent position to be the antagonist (necessary for some tension) but it also appeared that after his encounters last season, he was feeling impatient to see what was under them (thankfully).

The focus of this episode was a hole in the ground filled with limbs and debris that Thomas had filled with water one time and had emptied quickly. 

The team rushed over to the hole and tested filling it with water and added a fluorescent tracer. It emptied out within an hour and the team rushed around the property to see if the dye showed up in any of the waterways. With no findings of the dye, it was assumed the water somehow went to an underground void. 

They commenced to decide to dig and brought an excavater that Tom himself utilized to dig into the hole. Given his past issues with digging in the ground and getting bad side effects, he was a brave man!

They found clay which puzzled them as that is not terribly permiable. 

Another intriguing element was Kaleb's iphone which started serially going through his apps, calling random numbers, not allowing him to change the password, getting past the password somehow, turning it on and off, taking random photos. It was the same bizarre behavior we saw last season as if he was being hacked by something incredibly advanced. 

They ended with team in the evening sitting around outside and eating when they saw something yellow and glowing that vanished quickly. They realized they were being watched and wondered if it was a result of the earlier dig.

More coming next week!

Dennis and I both agreed that we were surprised the team didn't fill the clay hole up and get a good view of where the water drains with no debris in the way. 

The production and editing of the show is, as always, perfection. enjoy the episode and its fine production work.

Let's see what next week brings!!

For Dennis's and my hypotheses about what is going on at the ranch - read our series HERE.

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