Tuesday, May 4, 2021

New Season of "Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Tonight on History Channel!


WooHoo! Thank you, History Channel for another upcoming season of "Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" starting tonight!!!

This is perhaps one of my biggest obsessions outside of Hollow Earth Theory. 

This season, expect researcher Dennis Guern and I to take on the subjects matter with the new input of evidence coming from the research there.

If you missed our series of amazing posts about the possible explanations, please go here - LINK.

We are looking forward to the research and admittedly involved in each team member's input and welfare. We just love the group of minds working this puzzle. 

Yay to History Channel for more fantastic thought-provoking content! And, to Brandon Fugal for seeking answers and sharing them! 

The only thing that could top the season would be Dennis and I there for me to psychically track and use my psychometry skills while he utilizes ground-penetrating radar with his keen eye for hot spots.


Nightvision goggles

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