Bigfoot Language: Sierra Sounds and Early 2000s Texas Vocals

If you are interested in Bigfoot language, I suggest you read my  rather extensive post on the subject - LINK.

I was listening to the famous 1970s Sierra Sounds audio taken by Ron Morehead and his friends. This was recorded on audio tape while out in the wilds of the Sierras in California. It sounds rather crude and some call it Samurai chatter. When slowed down, language becomes more discernible. 

As we all speak the same language, our dialects are born from influences in the local areas we grow up in. The needs of communication in a mountainous remote area would differ from a swamp area if we were living as feral beings.

One thing that does seem consistent in their language is the "jibber jabber" sound like chipmunks that when slowed down reveals a true language. Why do they speak in such speeds? Perhaps for a hidden people, it's critical to get the message across quickly and masked - this could be sounds of birds or forest creatures. That also means they can speak it and understand it at this pace. 

The first video below is of the Sierra Sounds. If you haven't followed Ron Morehead's contribution to research, you might want to get his books

When I put together my post on Bigfoot language, this video compilation (below) done by expert MK Davis, was a good sampling of the audio I studied when learning more about their communication. It comes from Texas in the early 2000s. You will hear some similar sounds to the 1970s Sierra recordings. 

This last video (below) shows a good example of the fast chatter when slowed down. This was worked on by MK Davis and was high strangeness studied with an objective mind. We should be very appreciative of the massive amount of field work, audio, video, and deep study of Native Culture and historic sites, as it comes together in some of the most prolific studies in the subject of Bigfoot. 

The range of Bigfoot vocals runs the gamut very quickly, sometimes sounding like chatter, gorillas, horns, language, and very imitative. To remain hidden in the forest, they must both sound like the forest and send sound over long distances. Their range of vocals is off the charts amazing!

MK Davis YouTube