Are Bigfoot Becoming Too Dependent On Us?

I am forever thankful for MK Davis and his stabilized and clarified images of Patty!

Times are changing for Sasquatch.

Have you ever noticed how aggressive and cocky birds are in a fast food parking lot picking at french fries and don't even fly away when you wave your arm?

Ever notice how bears tear apart campgrounds and then wander into backyards during droughts?

Have you had a deer just watch you while feeding and not even startle and leave or how about the ones that wandering into towns and stores?

Is man's encroachment on natural habitats creating a dependent environment for animals to thrive on?

Do our leftovers become part of their "natural world" and do they get more calories per french fry than trying to find seed or worms? How many of us humans want to eat fruits and nuts when we can have a Big Mac and fries? Supersizedeven!

So, what might Sasquatch be experiencing as they come into contact with dumpsters and yards filled with junk, campgrounds, rest stop trash cans, and more?

For a shy people, the Sasquatch are showing more signs of bravery in the setting of easy food.

My series, "The Urban Sasquatch Journal," based on the research of a respected colleague, shared a good deal of finds of trash piles within the huge sprawling park's forest. 

Someone was taking trash cans, likely during the night, and instead of digging where the cans were in public open areas where they might be caught, they dumped the contents in a dark place in the woods, returning the can, and sorting through the contents. Worked over piles are easy to come by in urban area huge parks and State Parks.

The question becomes, whether these piles are being used to find goodies or to use the goodies to lure animals to the trash pile and have an easy hunting ground, which is the most likely activity. These piles show signs of wild boar digging around, raccoon, and other small scavenging animals. These trash islands can be found outside of rest stops, camp grounds, State and Federal lands, Reservations, and urban settings with huge parks.

Calorie dense foods with salt, fat and sugar have attracted Homo sapiens and our appetite for gathering calories in one sitting just in case another opportunity doesn't come along. There is no reason to think our relatives would be any different. 

When a reliable source of food can be found in one place, say a dumpster against the woods behind a restaurant, why wouldn't we come to the dinner bell at night when no others are around? 

What might this do to Bigfoot's tendency to wander and not develop homes/villages/communities? Will they now find themselves staying too long in one area to enjoy the predictable food supply? Will this make them vulnerable to detection?

In fact, in areas where there are food dumpsters facing the woods, there are parallel paths worn down by the woodland creatures stalking the dumpster area for opportunities. These creatures may not just include a clever raccoon, but larger more intelligent beings.

I wrote a playful post about a serious subject a while back "Is Bigfoot a Crack Berry Whore?" I discussed man's desire to get a buzz and the same tendency in chimps who steal beers in other countries where they share land with the humans. It is a strong drive and strong enough that I have watched birds get drunk on berries in my yard and dance around and fall in the pool. Why wouldn't Bigfoot want to eat fermented berries overripe on the vines? And, might he go to daring lengths for the late summer/early autumn buzz? And, don't berry bushes grow along disrupted ground of roadways? So, they might be seen more and also have lowered inhibitions to be caught unaware. 

I have always felt that the way we prove Bigfoot will sadly be a situation of forest fire, drought or other bad conditions that drives one in too close to us and has him/her trapped or even hit by a car. We may have lured desperate eager wildlife to us as we are luring our hidden relatives. 

The sad thing is, we can't seem to go back, once finding alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, fast food, and I don't know how we would expect them to go back to the hard way to gather food with low calorie counts. The situation will come to a head and likely is in some isolated showdowns here and there at outer urban parks. 

Fatty Patty? 
The future for Bigfoot?