Arizona's Ancient Giants

When reviewing the characteristics of locations where giants have been discovered, Arizona should be giant-central! We have only uncovered a few in this state and yet it has everything giants wanted in a location. 

Researchers Dennis Guern and James Carroll join me to uncover potential locations for giants here in the Southwest. One thing we know is that most of the lands in AZ are either Native People lands, National Parks, State Parks, and under Bureau of Land Management control.  Add to the fact that the southern half of the state is desert, it's not a super pleasant place to explore. 

You can drive for hours in Arizona and not see signs of people.

Let's look at some supposed giants found in Arizona - 

LINK: In October of 1879 The Arizona Sentinel apparently reported:

The Fronterizo reports the finding last week of a peculiar skull near Wellington Station, at a depth of 45 feet. It is like a human skull, but has two horns about 3 inches long, inclined towards a large and well developed forehead. It may yet be proved that men with horns were not rare in prehistoric times...

In 1891, in Crittenden, Arizona while digging for a commercial building, a giant stone coffin was uncovered eight feet below the surface. A granite case was found inside which reportedly held a body of a man at least 12 feet tall. A carving on the casing pointed he humanoid had six toes and fingers found in Biblical history where it speaks of the giants with six toes and fingers that roamed the world during ancient times...

A giant human skull was reportedly found in a cliff dwelling south of Winslow, Arizona, according to “The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings,” by paranormal investigator John Keel. “It was so big that a size 7 Stetson was placed on it and ‘looked like one of those tiny hats merrymakers wear on New Year’s’.”

In 1923, in the Grand Canyon, Samuel Hubbard found two petrified human remains that were 15 and 18 feet in height.

These are just some of the reports around Arizona but scattered enough that we can't really make heads nor tails of where Giant Central was in this large state.

Things we seem to find in association with giants are mining of copper and gold and Arizona is a great state for that! If reports of the giants being into trade with seaside tribes, then the location in relation to the Baja of California and the Channel Islands giants are great. If they needed to be near a water source, as obviously they would, we had fast running rivers throughout the state before the past centuries where man has diverted water for their need. As well, the Grand Canyon giants spoken of by many were above the Colorado and giant intaglios along the Colorado in California also show possible culture.

Our research team plans to continue our research and share what we find.