Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Odd Light on South Mountain Continues...

Well, managed to pinpoint the spot the light comes from - always the same place. No paths, no hiking areas up the rocky area. If someone keeps going there at night and shining the light, they are not only not leaving a path, but they are doing it in complete darkness as the light does not climb the mountain. It simply turns on there in this desert preserve/largest municipal park in America.

The neighbor told me the man who lived in this house and died here swore he saw a light at the mountain and it bothered him so much he headed out there to find it and was abducted by aliens. The house is just two blocks from the park and South Mountain looms nearby like a silent tsunami.

When I moved in, I had a little statuette of a gray alien holding an amethyst stone and it was often turned around backwards at night or knocked off the shelf. I had pondered why and then decided after a few encounters with the past owner's spirit form, I just had to talk to a neighbor about if he was particularly spiritual or what.

She told me all this stuff including that he was heavily into spiritual studies after his "abduction" including a vast library of books on the subject as he wanted to find an answer.

Expect Dennis Guern and I to continue to study this light strangeness. It sometimes seems like it's signalling, blinking long and short flashes and then just stopping. No one takes the light up the mountain or down. The air is also a bit "odd" when it occurs.

The homeowner here mentioned that he uses an air conditioner atop of a house to line up the light and see if it's in the same place. On nights the air conditioner seems rather bright in the night, the light occurs. I admit that the air is different those nights - very static, very thick, very electric.

This was the land of the HoHoKam, their glyphs and pottery still remain around the park. The infamous Phoenix Lights also occurred above the mountain. I myself have seen the same lights November 1, 1997 with a friend behind South Mountain in the foothills, months after the famous night.

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